plastic bag charge could double under government plans to tackle ocean waste

by:Sengtor     2020-04-19
According to the plan of the new government, shoppers will soon pay more for plastic bags to solve the waste they leave behind.
Prime Minister Theresa May will negotiate to raise the minimum charge for plastic bags from 5 p.
Could double to 10 p.
It will also consider making all retailers
Not just big business.
Pass on existing fees to customers.
The move is to \"put the environment in a better state than we \'ve found\" and \"build on the success of current fees\", which will start consultations later this year.
The environmental group Friends of the Earth welcomed the proposal, but said the law \"must go further \".
\"Marine animals are also likely to be suffocated by straws and coffee cups, but these animals have so far escaped government action,\" said activist Emma pristerland . \".
\"Ministers have to do more to force retailers to reduce plastic.
For example, the introduction of latte tax.
\"But in the end we need a clear plan to end the use of all plastics except the most basic ones.
\"Sales of plastic bags have plummeted over the past two years --
Sales in Britain\'s seven largest supermarkets fell 86%, and about 13 billion of them withdrew from circulation.
Over the past year, the items sold have created nearly £ 60 for charities and charities.
Mrs May said the effects \"show the difference that we can achieve by making small changes to our daily habits \".
She added: \"I want to leave a greener, healthier environment for future generations, but with the amount of plastic in the ocean still going to triple, we know that we need to do more to better protect our oceans and eliminate this harmful waste.
\"On the last day of Mrs. May\'s three-year-old --
On a one-day tour of Africa, the prime minister also promised £ 250,000 to design and host the \"sustainable blue economic conference\" to be held in Nairobi, Kenya, in November \".
She announced a new female Guide and Girl Scout Plastic Challenge badge to inspire young people to lead the fight against Singlesuse plastic.
Eric Solheim, director of the UN Environment Department, called it an \"inspiring step in the right direction \".
Jonathan Batley
Green Party leaders say ministers are still \"mending the edges\" when the plastic crisis requires radical system reforms \".
He added: \"The government has yet to commit to the\" latte \"on a disposable coffee cup, and has not fulfilled the promise of its bottle deposit plan.
At the same time, it also opens the green light for the whole new hydraulic fracturing industry, which will aggravate the plastic crisis.
\"With plastic waste polluting our beaches and choking our oceans, it\'s time for the government to protect our planet with concrete actions.
\"Previously, the government banned the sale of toiletries containing beads and small pieces of plastic.
Plastic straws are also likely to be banned to make sure the UK meets 25-
Annual plan to eliminate avoidable plastic waste
The policy of the Sky Ocean Rescue operation.
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