plastic bag bans coming to hoboken, jersey city

by:Sengtor     2020-02-20
Hudson County is entering the plastics ban boom, and the cities of Hoboken and Jersey are taking steps to impose strict restrictions on when retailers can provide plastic bags to customers.
The actions of the two cities come as global efforts are being made to limit the use of plastic bags.
Supporters of the ban say plastic bags litter sidewalks and streets, blocking the ocean and waterways.
Thai veterinarians say they recently found nearly 17 lbs of plastic in the belly of a pilot whale stranded on the beach.
Jeff tittle, director of the Sierra Club in New Jersey, told the Jersey Daily that when a larger government fails, the city is responsible.
\"This is a real scourge both nationally and globally,\" Tittel said . \".
\"Plastic not only kills marine mammals and birds, fills our landfill, by the way, plastic comes from fracking, so more natural gas wells and pipes, so from the various
In 2016, plastic bags were banned in California, and New York plans to limit them.
Some cities in New Jersey have banned plastic bags or charged fees to prevent them from being used.
A bill in the New Jersey parliament will eventually lead to a statewide ban.
Hoboken\'s proposal was initially approved by the Commission on Wednesday.
The decree of the City of Jersey will be read in June 13.
Both measures require retailers to provide customers with reusable and/or recyclable paper bags only.
Exemptions include newspaper bags, dry cleaning items, frozen food, meat and fish.
Hoboken\'s bill states that retailers charge customersplastic bags (
No more than 25 cents per paper bag).
They will be required to provide free paper bags or cloth bags to any customer who uses government aid to purchase goods.
\"We think this is an important step,\" Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop said at a press conference on Thursday . \".
\"The fact that the state\'s most densely populated counties are taking this initiative is important.
\"Violations in Jersey City will result in a fine of $100 per violation.
In Hoboken, the first violation will cost retailers $100, the second one will cost $200, and then $500 for each violation.
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