plastic bag ban: sandringham indian takeaway shop paradise makes change to paper bags amid strong reaction

by:Sengtor     2020-02-25
To circumvent the new ban, the Auckland Indian restaurant announced today that it now only uses paper bags.
The ban came into effect on Monday, but plastic bags without handles and plastic bags that have already been used are tax-free.
Paradise Indian take-out is a popular biryani restaurant on Sandringham Road, which continues to take-out customers with plastic handbags, and the handle is cut off.
Owner Rafi Mohammed told the Herald on Wednesday that it was a temporary measure to clean up the remaining inventory before transitioning to environmental protection, which is expected to take about three weeks
Friendly choice.
But today, Mohammed told the Herald that they have made changes and only use paper bags now.
\"We fully support this ban, which is good for the environment and for our future.
\"We always change clothes and we just clean up some inventory while waiting for the new bag.
Mohammed said their remaining inventory could be used as a bin liner.
But the move to cut off the handle has caused both public support and public anger, and even inspired the owner of a takeaway store in western Auckland, who said, in order to comply with the plastic ban, he will follow suit.
The man, who declined to be named, told the Herald on the phone that his business had been hit since the ban came into effect on Monday.
\"We sell a lot of curry and sauce dishes and customers complain that they have torn [
By container]
\"From steam or overflow,\" he said . \".
\"On Tuesday, our business could fall by 30 cents, because people are now buying less when they don\'t have bags to take them in.
\"He said that the Herald\'s report on Indian takeout in Sandringham paradise made him\" rethink \"and that he would now cut the handle off from the plastic bag instead of throwing it away.
The move to bypass the plastic bag ban has caused a different reaction on social media.
\"They have a plan for one year.
\"There is no excuse not to have new bags and old stock ready before July 1,\" commented one person . \".
\"The handle, without the handle, will still make a mess of the environment,\" the other person said . \".
One person, however, calls it \"very smart \".
\"It is expected that people will always find a way when the law does not provide costs --
An effective alternative. \" \"Number-
Line 8 thinking-
We have lost something and we have lost the ability to think freely . \"
A spokesman for the Ministry of Environmental Protection said it would ban the use of single
The use of plastic bags \"violates the intention of the ban \".
\"We will follow up on any reports about this situation,\" he said . \".
As of Wednesday, the ministry had received 13 non-
Compliance since the ban came into effect.
If people observe the distribution of plastic bags that they consider prohibited, they are urged to report to the ministry.
The spokesman said: \"If necessary, we will contact enterprises that have been reported to supply prohibited plastic bags.
\"The report is taken seriously and we will work with businesses that we confirm do not comply with the law.
We want to know why these bags are provided and we want to help businesses do the best for the environment.
\"He said the ban was meant to allow New Zealanders to think about what is best for the environment and to trigger a change in habits.
\"We want businesses to take a responsible approach in the alternatives they provide to their customers.
\"What is forbidden?
Any type of plastic bag with a thickness of less than 70 microns, whether new or not used, has a handle for carrying the goods for sale, made of living things
Basic materials like starch.
It also includes bags made of biodegradable, biodegradable or oxidized plasticdegradable.
Is there an exemption?
People can still buy lightweight barrier bags, such as the one you buy at a deli or a slaughter shop, as well as bin liners, pet garbage bags and diaper bags.
Bags used in the packaging are also exempt for hygiene reasons, such as bread bags and bags of cooked chicken.
How is it executed?
Violations can be enforced by fines, but the government notes that it wants to focus more on working with businesses to encourage compliance.
If the Ministry of the environment receives a complaint about the violation, the officer will contact the business and work with them to find out why they did not stop issuing prohibited baggage.
The department also plans to conduct a random audit. Why the ban?
It is estimated that in the recent period, the average kiwifruit used 154 single
Plastic shopping bags are used every year.
This is equivalent to about 0. 75 billion bags per year.
Due to the light weight of plastic bags, it is easy to be transported by wind and water, causing marine pollution.
The government has said that the ban is the first step in addressing a \"one-time culture\" and the first step towards a circular economy where few people are thrown away or wasted.
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