plastic bag ban is only the first step in our essential war on waste

by:Sengtor     2020-05-02
British Prime Minister Theresa May declared war on plastic waste.
May said in a recent speech that she hopes to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste in the UK within 25 years.
Her advice includes plastic.
Free access in the supermarket where food will be sold loosely and plastic take-out will also be charged
Food containers.
There are already five in Britain.
Plastic bags sold in supermarkets charge pennies;
The Prime Minister said she also wanted to expand the charge to small shops.
Last year, the Victoria government announced a similar ban on light.
After consulting on \"how best to implement the policy\", work closely with businesses and communities.
What is the reason for the consultation?
Because, the government said at the time, this ban tends to lead to an increase in the use of heavier plastic bags.
The delay is a bit of a mystery: most other states and territories have banned these packages-South Australia in 2009, as well as the Tasmania state in the Northern Territory and the bill shortly thereafter.
The 2013 review of the ban on the act-two years after it came into effect-found that the number of plastic bags entering the landfill had decreased by 35.
The conclusion of the review is that while Canberrans are still using heavy-
They use them more than once. Single-
Western Australia will ban plastic bags from July 1, and the government has urged shoppers to start changing habits.
There are many good reasons why we should not use plastic bags freely as we do.
It is estimated that 5 billion orders are used in Australia
Package for one year (
Numbers may be higher);
About 50 million of things are blown into the environment, and many people are eventually swallowed up by the ocean and swallowed up by sea birds, turtles and other marine creatures.
The others ended up in the giant.
Ocean swirls such as the Pacific garbage belt.
We use plastic bags for an average of 12 minutes, and in Australia, only about 10 per cent of recycled plastic bags are made from fossil fuels.
If we need a sign of reckless consumerism
Just use a plastic bag.
In addition to our habit of not going to the supermarket, we have no good reason not to reduce the use of these bags.
In states that have not yet been banned, Woolworths and Coles are phasing them out, and shoppers at Aldi who don\'t issue bags are well managed.
A chain company with more than 30 stores nationwide declared itself a waste.
People who shop for free will bring their own containers of dry goods in bulk.
The Victorian government\'s ban will be welcomed once it is implemented.
Last year, new state prime minister Gladys Berejiklian said that with the gradual elimination of plastic bags in the markets of Coles, Woolworths and Harris Farms, there is no need for the government to take action.
But this is a drawback-the new state government should catch up with the rest of the country and completely ban carrying luggage.
What about milk boxes?
We also threw away billions a year.
Many readers will remember that when milk is delivered in a bottle and delivered to your door, empty milk is taken and repackageduse.
As the next stage of the waste war, can we have it again?
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