plastic bag ban could cost people\'s jobs - union

by:Sengtor     2020-03-11
The government\'s ban on plastic bags could cause job losses, said E t. Single-
The New Zealand government said Friday that the use of plastic bags will be banned and will be phased out in the next 12 months.
Retailers rushed to support the ban, with many retailers such as Countdown, food and warehouses already planning to phase out plastic bags from stores and supermarkets. E tū -
One of China\'s largest private enterprises
Industry unions, support the move, but cooperate with the industry
Coordinator Ron Angel told RNZ that the transition needs to be fair to the workers.
He believes hundreds of workers are involved in the production of plastic bags in the country.
\"I think there is enough time to make the transition, most manufacturers produce a wide variety of other products and they will have the opportunity to change their product line, but it is difficult --
\"One day they were making plastic bags for the supermarket and now they are starting to be told you have to stop in a few months,\" he told RNZ . \".
\"It\'s not a huge number, but every time unemployment is an unemployment that affects workers, their families and their communities.
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