paying for plastic bags

by:Sengtor     2020-05-03
Of the nearly 7 billion plastic bags used each year in Australia, some have been converted to use as wall hangings, carpet throwing or mats, and even as blinds.
Made of recycled plastic bags, the Garden Mat is perfect for kneeling while working in the garden.
Then occasionally there will be some furniture made of plastic bags (see link below).
However, most people who take plastic bags home from the supermarket for free use plastic bags to hold trash cans.
They have news.
According to ABC News, under the new policy, plastic bags will be phased out by 2009, with retailers charging at least 10 cents per bag.
In Ireland, a tax on the use of plastic shopping bags has already resulted in restrictions on the use of plastic shopping bags.
Several other countries, including Australia, have followed the program closely while continuing to encourage customers to restrict the use of bags and recycle the bags they use.
\"10 cents is the best inhibitor to buy plastic bags.
Who would buy a plastic bag for 10 cents?
Asked the red symbol 774.
Telephone return visitors disagree on the proposal to pay for plastic bags, and some say they use non-plastic bags.
\"What is the difference between the supermarket bag and the bag on the shelf?
Asked Dawn at Yarra Junction.
\"We buy plastic bags into the bin, what\'s the difference if you treat it as an environment?
Rob from Bunyip looked at the big picture.
\"The government is doing this to increase revenue.
\"People will buy them and put them in a bread that is already in a plastic bag,\" he said . \".
Tim of Kew asked, \"Why don\'t supermarkets charge?
\"Philip of Gilon would be happy to pay 10 cents because, according to him, it\'s cheaper than a commercial garbage bag.
Chris of Cranbourne doesn\'t like biodegradable plastic bags because after about a year the plastic bags break up and everything becomes everywhere.
Aphrodite in the city of Walland asked, \"How can I pick up dog dung?
They don\'t give away in my park.
How did we do it 50 years ago?
And then we don\'t have to pick up our dog.
\"Brad of Warnambool can\'t believe that people can\'t see this as a mechanism to reduce the use of plastic bags.
Jenny Heidi, from the Victoria environmental Zero Waste campaign, also supported the cost, with the solution being to bring your own luggage.
Charging for each plastic bag will encourage consumers to consider alternatives such as boxes or baskets.
It will take 20 years for these bags to break down.
People will also buy plastic bags to queue up.
While a tax on plastic shopping bags helps reduce use, consumers are ultimately responsible.
If we use less plastic bags, will we have less garbage?
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