p.e.i. retailers preparing for plastic bag reduction deadline

by:Sengtor     2020-03-03
The greater Charlottetown regional chamber of commerce is helping its members prepare for new rules for bags that retailers can use on P. E. I.
When the plastic bag Reduction Act comes into effect on July 1, retailers will no longer be allowed to provide plastic bags, with a paper bag and a reusable paper bag charging at least 15 cents.
\"In terms of what rules, what type of packages they can use, how much they have to charge, there are still a lot of businesses that are very unclear, do they have to charge if they want to give away?
Kim Green of Kays wholesaler said he was one of the few Chamber of Commerce members in a focus group to hear from Post UKE. I.
What will the environmental department expect.
Green said she got some answers at the meeting on Monday, but added that there was still a lot of work to be done by July 1.
\"On April, we will have a big show and many of our stores will enter,\" she said . \".
\"We will introduce what options they will have after July 1.
\"It may be that a space distribution company plans to store paper bags of all sizes, including paper bags with handles and reusable paper bags of different types.
Green said she has begun to reduce the supply of plastic bags for kays so that there will be no surplus in her business.
She said she was a little worried because paper and reusable bags take up more space than plastic, put them in bigger boxes and retailers don\'t have room to store them, there is not enough cash register supply either.
John Hughes, director of special programs for the environment department, explained the new rules on Monday.
With the July 1 deadline approaching, more and more businesses are asking questions, he said.
\"There are some challenges, but there are some opportunities,\" Hughes said . \" He pointed out that enterprises can brand bags with company logos that can be reused, resulting in a lasting advertising impact.
He explained what types of bags are acceptable and what businesses the cuts Act applies.
\"Some people think it only applies to grocery stores --
\"The bag reduction bill is for all retailers,\" Hughes said . \".
The main goal of the bill is to reduce singles.
The use of packaging is not for plastic bags, he said.
Hughes explained that the cost of paper bags would discourage the purchase of paper bags.
\"We want people to use more products that are durable and longer --
Long-lasting reusable packages, we won\'t have so many single
Use plastic or single
Use paper that enters waste logistics.
Hughes said he plans to hold more information meetings with island businesses before the bill takes effect on July 1.
\"I hope it encourages people to bring reusable bags,\" said Phil Homberg, owner of Kent Street market, which has only provided paper bags since it opened in 2017.
\"When the ban started, we planned to bring some cheaper reusable bags to our customers.
It will be a reality and hopefully people will adapt . \"
Penny Walsh of the Chamber of Commerce
McGuire said she was relieved to hear that July 1 was not a difficult deadline for retailers.
\"We are happy to hear that those who still have plastic bags in stock will have a grace period so they can transition,\" she said . \". More P. E. I.
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