p.e.i. bag company goes back to its roots as plastic bag ban approaches

by:Sengtor     2020-04-20
Explore the single-
Use the plastic we discard and why we need to clean up our behavior.
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2019 the legislation that came into effect banning plastic checkout bags inspired some industries to look back and look for something more eco-friendly
Friendly packaging. The P. E. I.
Bag Company in P BedequeE. I.
Dig into the roots of a new collection of reusable shopping bags.
\"This is a bit of an opportunity for P. E. I.
Lord smoward, general manager of bag company.
\"We decided to start selling some jute --or burlap-
Handling the luggage is a bit consistent with our history.
\"The company began production of sacks packed with potatoes in 1935.
Smallwood describes this new series as premium bags, ranging in price from $4 to $10, and higher in wholesale orders.
\"These bags are 100 biodegradable, all natural, plant --
\"Based on materials and reusable,\" said Pranav Trivedi, purchasing manager . \".
\"It\'s labor-intensive, unlike the plastic business made by machines, and that\'s why it\'s a slightly higher price.
\"On their radar. E. I.
Bag companies make paper and plastic bags for agricultural, aquaculture and sugar customers in Canada and the United StatesS.
Smallwood said that the company\'s industrial customers are also looking for recyclable or packable packaging as a concern for a single package
Long with plastic.
\"I think it\'s their radar in terms of the overall picture of environmental impact,\" he said . \".
Smallwood said that 70 to 80 of the products produced by the manufacturing plant are paper --type packaging.
\"This ban lets you know where we need to go as a society,\" says Smallwood . \".
\"I think it will have an impact, both from the manufacturer and the user, from the perspective of driving all of us to improve this situation.
HorizonSmallwood\'s new product says his sales team took part in a trade show in Florida and Germany this year to showcase new packaging options.
\"It could be a Poly made with recyclable or 100 compostable starch-type products,\" says Smallwood . \".
\"You \'ve seen a trend in the past few years, and a lot of companies are working on other options for paper versions, and they \'ve been using Poly in the past.
\"Most of the potato bags are paper. E. I.
Potato Board saidit also began to hear from consumers looking for greener packaging.
But unlike other industries, it starts with advantages.
\"Over the years, potatoes have been mostly packed in paper, and to a large extent, there are still more than 50 potatoes packed in paper,\" said Kendra Mills, marketing director of the Potato Board.
\"Potatoes may be the only product in the agricultural sector that is mainly packaged in paper.
\"Mills said that a few years ago, because consumers wanted to see the potatoes they bought, they took steps to increase the plastic bags.
\"We have taken a step towards Poly, which is to meet the needs of consumers from a convenient packaging perspective,\" Mills said . \".
\"But if this is something we need to make some changes to, I\'m sure the industry will be looking at for a long time.
\"Mills Sedin Europe has adopted a new five-pound paper bag that is increasingly popular with its handles.
She said she was reported at the trade show and some Canadian companies are also looking for prototypes of potato bags here.
Newspapers are a great choice for the potato industry, she said.
\"This is the best way to package the potatoes and it doesn\'t let the light in, resulting in greening. . . .
It allows the potatoes to breathe and they last longer on the shelves, so we would like to see this continue.
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