no more plastic bags for shoppers on fogo island

by:Sengtor     2020-03-06
Fogo Island is trying to make the area greener by banning all shops from using plastic bags. As of Aug.
1, the customer will no longer use plastic, although Brown paper bags can be used if needed.
People are encouraged to carry reusable bags.
Gary Dawe, owner of Seldom Dawe Clover Farm Supermarket, said his store initially got rid of the choice of plastic bags in October.
He was the first store to join the pilot program, which banned the use of plastic bags on the island.
He said the initiative received mixed comments.
\"Some people don\'t want it at all, some think it\'s great and some don\'t like it --
They still don\'t like it . \"
To encourage people to bring their own bags, Dawe presented two free reusable bags to each customer on October. A lottery was held around Christmas to bring their own luggage and win a gift certificate for $25.
However, he said that there are still some that have not been sold on this idea.
\"Some people think I\'m crazy because it will never work, and I said OK, dawe said,\" If you want to get those plastic bags out of the environment, you have to try somewhere. \".
\"It\'s the same for me to start as the next person.
\"According to Dawe, about 1 million bags were used every year on Fogo Island before the ban was imposed.
\"If about a million bags are used in a place as big as Fogo Island, you can only imagine how many bags are being used in Newfoundland,\" he said . \".
Earlier this year, makkovikandpostville imposed a similar ban on plastic bags.
In 2009, nain was the first community in the province to ban plastic bags.
Dowway hopes the ban will take effect and encourages other shopkeepers across the province to implement similar measures.
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