new york state prepares to ban plastic bags

by:Sengtor     2020-02-18
New York (AFP)-
After several failed attempts, New York state is ready to ban singles
Using plastic bags provided by the store makes it the second American state to pass this rule after California.
As Democrats control both houses of the state\'s parliament, lawmakers have reached an agreement to include the plastic ban in the broader framework of budget measures voted on Monday.
If the bill passes, singles are prohibited.
Use plastic bags-
Several exemptions are still allowed-
It will take effect on March 2020.
State Senator Todd carminsky told NBC television on Thursday: \"I think we\'ll look back and wonder why this is not common before . \".
\"But I\'m glad we\'re doing it right now, and we\'re ahead.
Governor Andrew Como tried to ban the bags last year but failed.
\"These bags have long damaged our environment and blocked our waterways,\" he said recently . \" The ban will \"protect our natural resources for future generations,\" he added.
\"Although plastic has had a well-known harmful effect on the natural environment and wildlife, there are very few states in the United States ---
In addition to environmental aspects
A bastion of thought on the West Coast-
Have been seeking legal restrictions
The European Parliament on Wednesday approved a ban on many plastic consumer goods, including straws, cotton swabs and plastic packaging.
These measures will take effect on 2021.
Cuomo said last year that New Yorkers use about 23 billion plastic bags a year.
In New York, a Hall of consumerism.
5 million of residents, supermarkets often offer free plastic bags, sometimes doubling to be stronger.
In 2016, the city passed a law stipulating that
A us tax on each plastic bag was levied, but was overturned at the state level.
According to the new legislation, New York County will be able to levy five
US tax on paper bags, part of the income will be used for environmental protectionProtection Fund.
In 2014, plastic bags were banned in California.
Most parts of Hawaii are banned because the state\'s most populous county is now banned.
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