new jersey may ban all bags at supermarkets — no paper or plastic

by:Sengtor     2020-04-27
Last summer, New Jersey was about to become a national leader in curbing the use of plastic bags and reducing plastic waste.
But when a bill falls to the government
Phil Murphy\'s table was rejected as not strict enough.
Murphy asked members of Congress to try again.
Now more and more states ban singles. use plastics.
Maine became the latest government data released Tuesday.
Janet Mills signed a new law banning polystyrene food containers, including foam plastics.
New York has passed a statewide ban.
Use plastic bags at the end of the parade.
Murphy has been demanding tougher New Jersey measures to be taken in Washington. That bill (S2776)
Calling for a ban on singles
Use plastic bags, plastic straws and polystyrene food containers.
It also placed a 10-
Paper bags are divided.
But it may go further soon. State Sen. Bob Smith, D-
The chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Energy, mieressex, said he would push for changes to his sponsored bill, including a ban on paper bags.
Smith said the move aims to push Garden State residents to further change their shopping habits and bring their own bags from home.
\"There is no luggage,\" Smith said . \"\"No single-
No paper, plastic.
Smith said he and his wife had recently taken a vacation to Aruba, drawing inspiration for a complete ban on bags.
\"No one complains,\" Smith said of the Aruba man he saw with his own bag at the grocery store.
\"Everyone in the queue does this.
\"Aruba banned shops from distributing plastic bags and placed a plastic bag on the island --
50 cents wide fee in Aruba shield-
About 28 cents in US currency
According to a spokeswoman for the Aruba Government, it is on paper bags.
After the Smith Environmental Committee passed the bill on last September, the bill is currently pending consideration by the Senate Budget Committee.
The budget committee must amend the bill to include the ban on paper bags.
Smith hopes to make changes this month and hopes the legislation will be passed in the Senate on June.
Senate President Stephen Sweeney said
Gloucester is on board with a total bag ban.
Sweni did not respond to requests for comment.
A spokesman for Murphy did not answer questions about Smith\'s stricter proposal.
On Wednesday night, the governor was present at WNYC to \"ask Governor Murphy,\" who said he still wanted some form of statewide plastic regulation in New Jersey.
But he made it clear that he is not currently committed to specific policies and is open to ideas.
\"I know we have to ban some members of the plastic family,\" Murphy said . \".
According to Linda Doherty, president of the organization, the New Jersey Food Council, which represents the interests of supermarkets across the state, supports the ban on plastic and paper bags.
Doherty said: \"As more and more customers change their shopping habits and bring reusable bags, we think it is a smart solution to phase out and ban plastic and paper disposable bags.
\"When the customer chooses to reuse, we support this uniform progressive policy at checkout.
We are ready to work with the legislature and the Murphy government across the state.
Sandra Meola, director of the Audubon Delaware River Basin Alliance in New Jersey, has been the voice of environmental activists pushing for single regulation across the state. use plastics.
Meola said she was interested in Smith\'s idea of banning plastic and paper, noting that grocery store chain Aldi had already done business without giving customers any bags.
But Meola said that without seeing the written amendment first, she was not sure if she would support Smith\'s proposal.
She is concerned that there may be loopholes that lead to the release of thicker plastic bags free of charge, which may weaken the goal of changing customer behavior.
\"You still need to charge for the Free package at the end of the day,\" Meola said . \". “No free bags.
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