must stores offer alternative to plastic bags?

by:Sengtor     2020-03-08
MP Michael Walker said there was a loophole in Toronto\'s new charter restricting the use of plastic shopping bags, leaking like a damp paper bag.
The bylaws require the store to charge a single fee of 5 cents or more to the customer
Use plastic bags.
The question is whether they also need to provide other options, such as paper bags or boxes.
The retailer has accepted 5-
But most people do not offer a free alternative, although it is the intention of the Commission that they will do so.
City manager Joe Pennachetti says the shop that sells singles
No substitute is required to use plastic bags.
But the bylaws say that retailers \"who do not provide or provide plastic retail shopping bags to customers should provide them with alternatives, such as cartons or paper bags, free of charge.
Pennachetti wrote, \"retailers are only obligated. . .
When they don\'t provide plastic bags at all, offer a free alternative.
\"This confused Walker, noting that the original motion passed by the council was not very clear --cut.
As of June 1, Toronto will \"require all retailers who provide or provide plastic retail shopping bags to their customers,\" the company said \". . .
Charge at least 5 cents per Plastic retail shopping bag requested or taken by the customer, or provide other alternatives to the customer free of charge.
Walker told the Star that chain stores bought a penny or less package for 5 cents, resulting in a windfall.
Retailers say they are also seeking clarification.
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