morrisons hikes price of long-life plastic bags to 15p and introduces paper version for 20p

by:Sengtor     2020-03-05
Morrisons is hiking long-price
As part of the trial, raise the life of the plastic bag to 15 p and roll out the paper version for 20 p.
The supermarket said eight
The weekly trials at eight stores were designed to respond to customer claims that reducing plastic is their most concerned environmental problem.
Morrisons removed the 5 p shopping bag in early 2018, which led to a 25% drop in the whole bag sale.
As part of the trial, supermarkets are raising the price of their standard plastic bags from 10 p to 15 p. The new US-
Stylish paper shopping bags priced at 20 p have handles and the capacity is similar to the standard plastic tote bag.
The stores participating in the trial were Camden, Skipton, Wood Green, Hunslet, Yeadon, Erskine, Gibraltar and Abergavenny, Morrisons said.
The 5 p plastic bag tax has been introduced in the UK since October 5, 2015, and all large retailers have been asked to introduce the fee.
There are similar plans for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Environment Minister Michael Gove has set up a consultation campaign that will end next month, raising costs to 10 p, including smaller retailers, which may take effect from January 2020.
Retailers are expected to donate any proceeds from the 5 p fee to charity.
Government data at the end of 2018 showed that nearly 2 billion plastic bags were sold last fiscal year.
This was from 2014 when seven were significantly reduced.
6 billion tote bag-
Equivalent to 140 per person
It was launched separately by seven of Britain\'s largest supermarkets.
Figures from the Ministry of Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)
Show the same seven retailers
Asda, Martha\'s department store, the supermarket, Tesco, United
Operation Group, vitrox and Morrison-sold 1.
4 billion of 2017/18 bags, nearly 60% of 1.
75 billion in the UK
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