more than 1000 \'waiting in line\' to adopt baby dumped by side of road in a plastic bag

by:Sengtor     2020-03-20
Indian baby found abandoned on the side of the road near Atlanta, United States, he will --
To give her a home forever, be a parent.
The baby was found in a plastic bag and her umbilical cord was still connected.
While police continue to hunt down her biological mother, more than 1000 people are said to have offered to adopt her.
Tom Rawlins, director of Georgia\'s Department of Family and Child Services, told Good Morning America: \"We have a lot of people waiting in line to provide a permanent home for that child . \".
Rawlins also said about 200 families in Georgia alone want to adopt babies.
The Kyler Sisters and The Kayla Ragatz sisters found Indian babies who reported to the police on June 6 in Forsyth County, Atlanta.
The sisters said they heard a cat-like voice and saw a baby\'s arm sticking out of a plastic bag.
India was covered with blood as soon as it was born, but did not suffer major injuries.
Rescue Bodycam footage was made public this week, showing a police officer reaching out to get a plastic bag and tearing it apart to show the newborn baby inside.
\"When we were able to pick her up, wrap her up, and give her a little warmth, I was able to talk to her for a moment,\" said Terry Roper, deputy to Sheriff Forsyth, on the show.
\"I want to comfort her.
After a while, I realized it was the first time she felt love and was honored to be able to give her love.
\"The police are now looking for a mother and looking for anyone in the area who recently appears to be in the late stages of pregnancy but has no children.
India is now smiling and laughing and being well taken care of, according to Rawlins.
\"We certainly deal with a lot of tragedies in child protection services, but it\'s great to have miracles,\" he said . \".
This is indeed a miracle.
\"I \'ve been working for child protection for almost 20 years and it\'s one of the most exciting and wonderful miracles I \'ve ever seen in my life,\" he added . \".
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