montreal urged to ban plastic shopping bags by 2018

by:Sengtor     2020-05-05
The Montreal environmental committee recommends that Montreal should ban the use of plastic bags by Earth Day 2018 to support reusable or recyclable plastic bags.
A few months after public consultation on the matter, a meeting to adopt the proposal was held on Tuesday.
The Montreal businessman said no to the ban on plastic bags. The committee\'s 12 proposals include: the ban on plastic bags began in the city council on April 22, 2018 to support reusable or recyclable bags.
Except for sanitary bags for handling food, carrying drugs and dry cleaning.
The city of Montreal, in cooperation with the government of Quebec, has established industrial norms to ensure that new bags are recyclable.
Prepare a communication plan for the transition for residents and businesses.
Encourage the reduction of plastic water bottles, single-
Use plates and utensils.
The Independent Business Federation of Canada has criticized these proposals, which represent small and medium-sized enterprises. A large company
If consumers do not happen to have a bag on them, the ban may cause them to buy nothing from the lessor, the organization said.
The federation also said that ordinary plastic bags can be reused and it is the responsibility of consumers to reuse them instead of processing them.
The idea of banning singles
A year ago, for the first time, the mayor of Monterey, Dennis corcorcorre, offered to use plastic bags.
\"Personally, I think we should ban them. . .
But we have negotiated that all players can be fully promoted in society, \"Cordel said back in November 2014.
Coderre says he wants to follow in the footsteps of California, where plastic bags are banned in hundreds of cities, including Los Angeles and San Francisco. Large U. S.
Cities like Chicago, Seattle and Austin also have bans.
Quebec people who use less plastic bags due to the public awareness movement and the use of five plastic bags, the use of plastic bags in Quebec has dropped sharply.
Cents charged by retailers.
Quebec now uses about a billion bags a year, half the size of a decade ago.
Some of the smaller municipalities in Quebec have banned the use of plastic bags, namely Huntington and Deux-Montagnes.
Quebec cut the use of plastic bags in semi-ban or non-ban: 6 facts about plastic bags in Canada, Ye rapids, man.
Become the first city to ban singles
Use plastic shopping bags.
In January, Toronto tried to ban plastic bags.
2013, but backed down after strong public protests and legal challenges.
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