moncton moves to restrict distribution of single-use plastic bags

by:Sengtor     2020-02-28
Moncton has introduced a rule that limits companies to distribute a single product.
The use of plastic bags by July 2020 is part of a regional effort to curb plastic waste.
Members unanimously read the Constitution at a meeting of the city council on Monday.
Two and Three readings are expected at future meetings.
It includes exemptions for items such as fruit, potted plants, flyers and dry cleaning.
Packaging of multiple garbage bags is still allowed to be sold.
\"The first purpose is to reduce the single
Use bags and inspire people to always use reusable bags, \"said Elaine o\'cowen, director of environmental planning and management at moncton. Plastic-
The Moncton area may be banned from carrying luggage, and even if it is not already available in the rest of the province, the province should gradually cancel single
With plastic bags, the Council of Ministers of the environment
Paper bags are prohibited locally. The articles of association require businesses to charge for most paper bags to encourage the use of reusable paper bags.
Each business sets the cost of a paper bag.
Dieppe and Riverview are expected to launch a similar charter in the coming weeks.
Auctjuly is expected to spend £ 2020, which Aucoin says will give businesses time to use the remaining bag supplies.
A violation of the Constitution may result in a fine of $140 to $2,100.
Aucoin said the city\'s rules and regulations officers will enforce the rules and regulations by responding to complaints.
\"This is a good first attempt to reduce a single amount
Use of plastic in the Greater Moncton area, \"said Pierre boudlaw, the city\'s deputy mayor who called for a charter a year ago.
Several members raised concerns with Coun about the number of exemptions.
Brian Hicks called it \"symbolism \".
The charter follows similar rules, including Prince Edward Island, Aucoin said.
Mayor Dawn Arnold postponed the idea that the charter was symbolic.
\"I think we \'ve all seen these bags flying around in the air, stuck in a tree, and we \'ve also seen pictures of garbage that\'s not recycled in China, and she told reporters after the vote.
\"I think it\'s a little thing, but there will be more to happen in our province and around the world.
Arnold said she did not receive any negative feedback about the idea.
The Canadian Parliament has recommended a provincial approach to limit the use of plastic bags so that the rules do not vary from community to community.
Of the 1,700 respondents in an unscientific survey last year, almost everyone agrees with a single
Plastic bags are prohibited.
There are 14 objections, and 8 have not yet been decided.
Below is a list of Charter exemptions for bags that include loose bulk items such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains or sweets, as well as loose hardware items such as nails and bolts, whether it is meat, poultry or fish
Packaged or unpackaged flowers or potted plants protect unpackaged food or baked goods
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