ministers urge supermarkets to charge for plastic bags

by:Sengtor     2020-04-18
In the crackdown urged by the minister, consumers may be accused of buying plastic bags and shopping checkout in supermarkets.
Ben Bradshaw, the UK\'s environment minister, warned that Britain was \"addicted\" to these bags and that they were becoming a major environmental nuisance.
Government sources say supermarkets and other large stores have been urged to follow the example of Ikea, a Swedish furniture company.
In the trial, a 10 p tax on plastic bags led to a 90 drop in the use of plastic bags.
Bradshaw ruled out the possibility of imposing a \"plastic bag tax\", but yesterday he called retailers to draft a voluntary code that included fees.
If they do not take action, the government will consider new laws that limit the use of bags and set a reduction target.
\"While all retailers are different, Ikea has greatly reduced the use of this approach,\" said a source from the environmental department . \".
Other anticipated initiatives include lower prices for reusable means of transport at checkout, as well as the goal of reducing the number of baggage deliveries.
Bradshaw said: \"The shopping bags we use each year are between 8 billion and 10 billion.
\"This is a big waste problem.
They are difficult to deal with and are a major visual problem in the environment --
In rivers, trees and verges.
\"They are also a serious threat to marine wildlife, which tend to die if they take in these bags.
\"In order to reduce the number of circulation, we have to do more work.
Some retailers have shown brave leadership in this regard, and others have to do the same.
In addition to considering charges, the store should also force customers to ask for bags instead of providing them automatically and introduce recycling bins for bags, Bradshaw said.
\"Retailers have agreed to work with us,\" he said.
They clearly recognize what needs to be done and have the will to do so.
\"We want them to sign an ambitious but realistic agreement.
Tesco is already encouraging customers to switch to reusable bags.
Currently 10 p each.
Discount companies such as Aldi and Lidl also charge for luggage in the UK, while B & Q is also experimenting with similar plans.
Ireland has collected 15 cents (10p)
Since 2002, a policy has said the use of plastic bags has decreased.
In addition, the government is considering a new climate change bill that will set regular targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the UK.
David Miliband, minister of the environment, is working on an independent system plan to monitor progress in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
The move comes after a movement by friends of the Earth.
With the support of the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democratic Party
A climate change bill may be included in the Queen\'s Speech next month.
Last month, Mr. Miliband said that people should be afraid of global warming, and more people realize that \"something interesting is happening in the weather \".
He warned that carbon dioxide emissions in 2050 would be 137 higher than in 2003.
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