media reports of a plastic bag and candy wrappers lying on the world\'s deepest ocean floor may not be true

by:Sengtor     2020-03-18
An American explorer thinks he found out.
Waste lying on the deepest bottom of the world, but we may never know what this object is, but since he cannot retrieve it, we never know what it is
Several media outlets, including the one, reported that American explorer Victor Viscovo had found a plastic bag and candy wrapping paper in a record --
Break the submarine into the Mariana Trench, known as the deepest ocean pocket in the world.
However, Vescovo said they were still under investigation.
\"I saw a piece of human pollution at the bottom, but it\'s not clear what it is,\" he said in an email statement . \".
\"There seems to be a letter printed on it, probably plastic, but we are still investigating it.
I don\'t see plastic shopping bags or candy wrappers.
Former Navy officer Viscovo found the man.
According to a news statement released on Monday, waste was generated after falling into a deep-sea pocket of 10,927.
While the statement included details of the voyage, which included four dives into the deep sea
From April, the trench did not mention the waste found on the floor in three weeks.
The video footage of the Atlantic-made Vescovo landing on the ocean soil does point to an unidentified object in an otherwise barren place --looking floor.
This object is very small, the shape is triangular and looks the same color as the ground.
Garbage has never been recycled, so it\'s hard to know if it\'s really a plastic bag, but this finding still shows that everything is not so good at the bottom of the world\'s oceans.
In 2018, the researchers combed the database of photos and videos of previous dives and found the deepest evidence in the world --known waste —a plastic bag —
According to the findings released in the same year, at the Mariana Trench.
Of all the debris found in the database, plastic is the most common type of garbage.
A study released in February 2019 tested two-legged animals from six deep seas
Trench and everything was found to contain micro plastic.
The team at Vescovo found a variety of new species on an underwater expedition and collected samples.
According to CNN, the team plans to test the samples to check how much plastic species under water may have taken in.
Vescovo\'s dive is the first of four dives in the deep sea
Starting at the end of April, the three-week period is known as the challenger abyss.
Previously, the deepest dive was measured by the United States at more than 10,912 metres. S.
Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh and Swiss engineer Jacques Picard, 1960
On 2012, film director James Cameron tried to fly alone on his submarine, Deepsea Challenger, with a depth of 10,908.
Vescovo\'s adventure in the Mariana Trench also marks his fourth undersea expedition and his fifth visit here --
Next, he will explore Morley deep in the Arctic Ocean, the lightest of the five oceans, only 5,669 metres away.
\"We feel like we \'ve just created, validated and opened a powerful door to discover and access anywhere, anytime in the ocean --
\"This is 90 cents unexplored,\" says Vescovo . \".
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