malad | ‘paper, cloth bags in rain?’

by:Sengtor     2020-05-04
Shopkeepers at Malad and Bandra Road market say they don\'t know what the ban means and they face difficulties selling goods without plastic bags or packaging.
Customers also say they are confused.
Ashish Zore, owner of Malad Natraj market, said, \"We don\'t know if the transparent bags are also banned.
We are using them so far.
We also ordered cloth bags.
Before that, we have to rely on our customers to get our bags.
Jay Singh, a vegetable supplier outside Malad station, added, \"Some customers refuse to buy vegetables because I don\'t use plastic bags anymore.
\"At the Linking Road market, some vendors are seen storing their goods in large blue plastic bags.
Street vendor Altamash Shaikh said, \"BMC officials came in the morning to ask about the plastic bags I was using.
I asked them to give me another day and they agreed.
I change the bag now.
Manisha Seth, a customer who uses plastic bags, said, \"I know the ban very well, but how can I use paper bags and cloth bags in the rain?
This is a ridiculous decision made by the government.
They need to offer better and cheaper options.
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