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by:Sengtor     2020-04-17
Mumbai: to ensure the recycling of milk bags and PET bottles exempted from the state --
The Maharashtra government has decided to impose a refundable fee on these items.
This means that, in addition to MRP, consumers must pay an extra 50 paise on each milk bag and Re 1 on PET bottles, including soft drinks.
This will be refunded when the buyer returns the bottle/bag to the retailer.
On the other hand, the government is also arousing provisions rarely used in Rule 2016 of plastic waste management, which refers to \"expanding producer responsibility\" to ensure the establishment of a collection-
The return system of plastic waste.
The draft plastic ban policy says the government is also working on a plan to impose a refundable \"recycling or reuse\" tax on manufacturers.
If the manufacturer recycles all the products they produce, cess will be refunded.
Otherwise, the government will use the amount collected for recycling facilities.
The government is still working on details with the GST Commission and local agencies as they have developed tax structures for these manufacturers.
As the manufacturer pays taxes, he or she will put pressure on retailers to collect used milk bags/PET bottles from buyers.
The ministry of environment will issue a notice by the end of this month, when the ban on plastic bags, tableware and secondary packaging materials will take effect.
The government will, in accordance with the Solid Waste Management Act (2016) and the plastic tote bag (
Manufacturing and use)Rules, 2006.
The government also forced PET bottle manufacturers to set up recycling plants within three months from the date of the ban.
Satish Gawai, additional chief secretary of the Ministry of Environment, told TOI that \"failure to establish a recycling facility will result in the closure of these units . \".
He noted that the licensing rules of the state have always required them to have recycling facilities.
\"They have ignored it for so many years and now we have decided to strictly enforce it,\" Gawai said . \".
TOI was the first person to report a plastic ban on the card.
In order to enforce the ban, the government announced a fine of Rs 5,000 to Rs 25,000, as well as three
The offender was sentenced to one month in prison.
Consumers and manufacturers.
The government will authorize officials from Graeme Sevaux, tarato to charge fines and punish offenders to collectors, CEOs and designated officials of municipal companies.
However, some officials noted that such devolution could lead to corruption and extortion and said there must be adequate safeguards to ensure that fines are collected through the digital system.
Environmental Minister Ramdas Kadam said the idea of a plastic ban is the brain child of Shiv Sena leader Aaditya Thackeray, who wrote to him for a full ban.
The government will set up a high
The level committee, led by Kadam, listens to issues related to the enforcement of the ban in order to amend the act or rules if required.
\"Unfortunately, there is no ban in our country that can be easily implemented.
However, the ban will address 80% of pollution without causing any inconvenience to ordinary people, \"Aaditya said on Friday.
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