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by:Sengtor     2020-05-05
Mumbai: Maharashtra government wants to make this state a better place
Ironically, it is free to ban bulk bags for retail use, limiting 100% of organic materials to the agricultural sector.
Online brochure on plastic bans recently released by Maharashtra Pollution Control Commission (MPCB)
In addition to nursery, gardening, agriculture and solid waste treatment, any plastic bags that can be compost are prohibited.
This means that if you want to use the 100% environment-
Friendly bag, you can\'t do that.
Most of the packaging materials and bags sold on the market are creatures, experts say
In many cases, the content of biodegradable plastics is as high as 60%.
A good biodegradable package should have 90% organic content.
Experts questioned the government\'s move, noting that the notice itself said that composted plastics would not leave any visible, identifiable or toxic residue.
If buried in the soil, compostable bags break down and completely degrade within 180 days, and plastic takes hundreds of years.
The brochure uses the word \"plastic\" and even refers to bags that can be packed, an environmental activist says, which is ironic.
Sanjay Chattopadhyay of the Indian Packaging Research Institute said that there are many companies that produce packaged or 100% biodegradable handbags (using bio-
Polymer from corn or vegetables, plants).
Although there are several such companies in Kerala, Maharashtra and Gujarat, the main milk companies in these states have also offered to make their own bags.
One manufacturer said that because of their ability to produce bags for the agricultural sector, they can of course produce more bags for retail use.
But without the government allowing us to enter the retail market, it doesn\'t make sense to increase production, he said.
As a result, manufacturers and environmental activists have written to the government to allow retail use of packable bags.
Packed bags (
According to IS/ISO 17088)
It turns out that the standard is replaced by a non-bag viable
Biodegradable plastic
This compost plastic has been developed and widely used in Germany, Italy, Canada and France.
The letter said that the impact on the environment is very small.
An environmental protection person said that currently packaging materials can only be used to make bags because they can be provided in the form of sheets and cannot be molded into bottles, however, research is also being done on makign bottles and laminated packaging.
When asked about the government\'s decision, senior officials at the MPCB could not find any specific reason to explain why all but the agricultural sector banned the use of stackable bags.
Any decision on the release of the fatable bag rule must be made by apex high
An official said the Electricity Commission of the Ministry of Environment.
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