local celebs pledge to give up plastic bags

by:Sengtor     2020-02-07
More than 30 local celebrities and influencers will commit in July to abandon plastic shopping bags and support the latest move to rethink the plastic bag movement.
On July, the plastic-free movement kicked off at the Two Oceans Aquarium on Tuesday night, with big names such as Jack Palo Alto and Roxy Louw attending the event.
\"We are spreading information for people, trying to reduce the number of singles
Use the plastic they use-in this case, especially the shopping bags, \"Aaniyah Omardien, founder of the Beach joint non-profit organizationop, explained.
\"It has been in this system for more than 400 years. . .
It only took us 12 to 14 minutes.
\"According to Omardien, the plastic bag is so-
12 of the most common beach cleaning items known as \"Dirty Hit\"ups.
Although the rethink pack campaign has been going on since 2011, founder Haley McClellan likes to see the new initiative as a reboot.
Since 2007, SA has used about 8 billion plastic bags a year, and McClellan has been opposed to using them, when she herself stopped using them.
She said the movement has gained more momentum over the past year.
\"Last year was a bit of an explosion for this conversation about singles --
\"Using plastic on a global scale, it\'s just exploded this year, which is so exciting,\" she said . \".
McClellan is working closely with V & A Waterfront to buy plastic shopping bags for free and get some high marks
Victory with retailers such as cheap book boarding ships and Spar East Cape promises to phase out plastic bags.
McClellan said South Africans use about 8 billion plastic shopping bags a year-most of them end up in landfill and the rest enter the ocean, causing serious damage to marine life and breaking down into evil microplastics.
\"It is said that this is the biggest environmental crisis we are facing at present.
\"Basically, if we don\'t do anything about how single people behave --use plastic. . .
Scientists tell us that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, which is not understandable-it is wrong on such a multi-level.
\"The new habit of phasing out single people --
The use of plastic appears to be a daunting task, and ordinary South Africans can make a difference, says omadien.
\"There are things we can do as citizens-we can certainly put pressure on retailers to reduce packaging;
We can reduce our consumption, and we can also promote more recycling.
And then the beach cleaning-
\"Ups is going to change that way-so that\'s three things we can do now,\" she said . \".
\"Wherever you go, wherever you go shopping, bring your shopping bag.
\"You have to create a new habit that needs a little thought out at the beginning and eventually it will become normal and natural,\" McClellan said . \".
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