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Let us reject

Let us reject


Today is May 20, 2021, meaning to love you forever. In this national confession day, let's take a good time in May! This also corresponds to the line of the movie: If a man is like a rainbow, he will know if he meets the top.

Whether it is being generous in love, or being flat after marriage, we must bravely reject "plastic" love in the name of love.

Last year's popular TV series "Thirty Only" also vividly interpreted the definition of "plastic love". In the play, Liang Zhengxian looks very handsome and golden. Wang Manni dreamed of the romantic scenes after marriage time and time again, but got the sentence "I am a non-marriage".

From "plastic friendship" to "plastic love", plastic emotions are as vulnerable as an egg. Some people even ridicule, "This kind of love is like a low-quality plastic bag, which breaks as soon as the wind blows." The two sides have no plan to share the future. There is no me in your future. This plastic love "in the name of love" is embarrassing.

The rejection of "plastic" love that Komori wants to talk about today is not only spiritual, but also has a substantive meaning.

In this romantic festival, it is necessary to think about this romantic ritual, and we naturally enjoy everything that Mother Earth has given us. Enjoy the romantic house-filled giant roses sent by couples, wander the sea in the blue sky, feel the fresh sea breeze, and enjoy the natural spring and autumn under the luxuriant tree shadows and the radiant starry sky ... And all this is good, the day in the future may come to an abrupt end.

A few years later, perhaps this scene will come into view. The green mountains and green waters have turned into a dark world, all kinds of plastic garbage have been stranded on the rocky rivers and shoals of mountains and rivers, and the "white pollution" caused by non-degradable plastic products has become more and more serious. All these natural scenes are no longer touched...

This is exactly the evil we unscrupulously demand from Mother Earth. Have you ever thought that the exquisite packaging bags abandoned behind the romantic roses, the plastic bottles you throw away when you are romantic by the sea, and the non-degradable plastic products that are not sorted according to the garbage classification and discarded daily have made Mother Earth completely unrecognizable. Perhaps, in the future, our offspring can only live on a pile of plastic garbage, eating seafood that contains plastic micro-particles, complaining to the ancients that this is not the way to unlock the love of the earth, and sighing to Tianchang, "We want a long-lasting life, not A one-off world!"

Our coldness towards the earth will accelerate the breaking of this "plastic love" and even the "plastic affection", but there is only one earth, which cannot be melted and recast. "The Wandering Earth" movie brings us a revelation, when the earth environment on which we live is destroyed, we can no longer wait and die.

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