kroger to phase out plastic bags at all stores

by:Sengtor     2020-02-22
As more and more Americans feel uncomfortable with the environmental impact of plastic bags, the largest grocery chain in the United States has begun to gradually stop using plastic bags. Kroger Co.
It will open on Thursday at QFC stores in and around Seattle, with the goal of not using plastic bags at these stores sometime next year.
The company said it would be plastic.
By 2025, it had no bags in all of its nearly 2,800 stores. Kroger Co.
The company\'s stores in 35 states and Columbia District order about 6 billion packs a year, serving nearly 9 million people a day through 24 different grocery chains.
This Cincinnati-based grocery store is seeking feedback from customers and will work with external groups as it transitions to reusable bags.
Customers can buy reusable bags at the store for $1 to $2 per piece.
While brown paper bags will also be available for free, Kroger says it aims to make a complete transition to reusable bags.
\"We listen very closely to our customers and communities and we agree with their growing concerns,\" said Mike Donnelly, Kroger\'s COO . \".
\"That\'s why, starting with today\'s QFC, we\'re going to start the transition to a more sustainable choice.
This decision is consistent with our commitment to achieve our goals through social impact. ”The U. S.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 4 million tons of plastic bags, sacks and packaging are produced each year.
Only about the plastic is recycled.
Some cities are trying to impose new bans on singles.
The use of plastic bags, but industry groups have been boycotting, saying that dropping plastic bags would hurt lower crowds
The income population is not proportional.
In some states, legislators have also been boycotted when cities and towns try to make regulations prohibiting the use of plastic bags, and if customers do not bring reusable bags, they will be charged.
According to Pew Charity Trust, state lawmakers in Arizona, Missouri, Idaho, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota have blocked local regulations banning plastic bags since 2015.
According to the Pew Research Center, they have taken similar actions in Florida, Indiana and Iowa.
But companies are free to make their own choices in this area, and more companies are doing the same.
Major US economies are undergoing a broader shiftS.
Companies that reduce waste.
Disney, Starbucks, Marriott and McDonald\'s are throwing away plastic straws.
McDonald\'s said this year that by 2025 it will only use recycled or other eco-friendly materials to pack cups, happy lunch boxes and other packages.
Dunkin\' Donuts will phase out the polystyrene foam cup by 2020.
Ikea plans to eliminate orders
Use plastic products on shelves before 2020.
Greenpeace\'s David Pinsky welcomed Kroger\'s shift, saying plastic pollution is killing marine life and affecting human health.
\"Kroger decided to phase out single --
\"The use of plastic bags proves how consumers are asking retailers across the country to take action on plastic,\" Pinsky said . \".
\"Kroger should build on this effort and get rid of the extra type of singleuse plastic.
Plastic bags are important for retailers, but plastic bottles, foam plastic trays and plastic-
Fruits and vegetables.
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