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by:Sengtor     2020-02-29
In Kenya, the ban on the use of plastic bags has come into effect, which means that anyone found to sell plastic bags may face a fine of up to $38,000 for making or carrying these weapons, or imprisonment of up to 4 years.
The government says the ban will help protect the environment.
But manufacturers of these bags believe that 80,000 jobs may be lost.
On Friday, the court rejected a challenge to the ban.
It is estimated that Kenyans use 24 million bags per month.
Plastic bags have been banned in several other African countries, including Rwanda, maulitania and Ecuador.
Kenya\'s ban is considered one of the world\'s toughest, although officials say regular shoppers will now be warned and their luggage confiscated.
Live Africa: like many African countries, there is a common website across Kenya that updates the story of this and other discarded plastic bags.
Animals often graze on garbage, and the United Nations Environment Programme says the Nairobi slaughterhouse has taken large quantities of plastic bags out of livestock --
Up to 20 bags per cow
Raising concerns about plastic pollution in beef.
Kenya\'s environment minister, Judy wakengu, said it would take 20 to 1,000 years for plastic bags to biodegrade.
\"Plastic bags are now the biggest challenge facing solid waste management in Kenya.
\"This has become an environmental nightmare that we have to do everything we can to defeat,\" she told the BBC . \".
Kenyans are slowly getting used to shopping bags made of materials other than plastic.
In a local supermarket, I saw a man stuffed a pile of unpacked spinach in his backpack.
10 Kenyan shillings for other customers (10 US cents;
English penny).
A fine of $38,000, the other is four.
Many people are more willing to abide by the ban and are sentenced to one year in prison.
State Administration of Environment (Nema)
At present, law enforcement officers can only confiscate plastic bags and not arrest criminals, he said.
Traders in the city\'s main meat market are still using plastic bags, the report said.
It was also said that old bags, newspapers and envelopes were used.
When these goods are not available, it is said that consumers will carry goods with bare hands.
Travellers coming to Kenya on duty
Free plastic shopping bags will be required to stay at the airport according to the new rules.
This is Kenya\'s third ban on plastic bags in the past 10 years.
The government gave six.
Adjusted month window due on Sunday night.
Manufacturers who use polyethylene packaging products are exempt from the ban.
In a ruling last week, the High Court dismissed two cases in which plastic bag importers demanded the ban be lifted.
The court ruled that environmental issues were more important than commercial interests.
Studies in Europe have shown that paper bags must be used three times to compensate for the large amount of carbon used during manufacturing and transportation.
Again, the plastic \"lifetime bag\" must be used four times and the cotton bag must be used 131 times.
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