italy to ban plastic bags in new year

by:Sengtor     2020-03-02
Rome (CNN)--
Italy is a country known for its food and a country of ubiquitous plastic bags, which can be distributed free of charge for every purchase across the country and often thrown into garbage streets or landfill sites.
However, the new ban, which came into effect on January 1, may change that.
In order to help the environment, the Italian Ministry of Environment banned shopkeepers from distributing plastic bags.
Although the date of January 1 was set, the department stated that shopkeepers would be allowed to use up their existing plastic bag inventory without penalty.
\"This is a great innovation,\" Environment Minister Stefania Prestigiacomo said of the ban . \".
It \"marks a crucial step forward in the fight against pollution, making all of us more responsible for use and recycling.
In order for the law to produce positive results, all business entrepreneurs, large and small, citizens must be involved and try alternatives to plastic bags.
\"Environmental group Legambiente estimates that each Italian consumes about 300 plastic bags per year, saving 180,000 tons of gasoline if everyone uses only 10 biofuels
They use biodegradable bags every year when shopping.
The trend for shops and merchants to distribute plastic bags for everything is recent. Paper bags --
Or no bag at all. -
Just 30 or 40 years ago, it was the norm when ladies went to the store with their own shopping cart or mesh bag.
Some shopkeepers interviewed in central Rome on Friday complained that they were not officially informed of the ban.
A fishmonger said he only knew about it through the media and did not know if he would face a fine.
\"I don\'t know what can be replaced by plastic bags,\" he said . \".
\"How do I sell fish? These fish are often wet and smelly in paper bags?
He said: \"A grocery seller on the market said that he has started to use some cloth bags with Booth names for some of his customers, and he has also learned about the ban through the media.
A woman who runs three clothing stores said there is still a lot of confusion about the ban.
\"How will they check around? \" she said.
\"No one officially told me anything.
What did I know from the newspaper?
In one of my stores I have changed cloth bags for more than a year, but in another I have enough plastic bags for summer.
Presumably, as long as I can prove that I ordered the bags earlier this year, I was fine.
\"Similar bans have been imposed elsewhere in the world.
Mexico City banned stores from distributing non-biological plastic bags last year. degradable.
Similar laws have been enacted in France.
The World Watch Association, citing government estimates, said China had imposed strict restrictions on them, reducing garbage and removing 40 billion bags of use.
Although the compliance situation is uneven, a fine of 10,000 yuan may be imposed for violation of the law ($1,463)
The World Watch said.
In Tanzania, only six bags can be sold-
He was sentenced to one month in prison and fined.
5 million first order ($1,137).
On 2000, Mumbai, India, declared the bags illegal and cities such as Australia, South Africa and Taiwan imposed bans or surcharges on them.
Ireland reported that after charging for each bag, the use of these bags was reduced by 90%.
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