italy bans plastic bags

by:Sengtor     2020-02-09
If Rob Ford plans to visit Italy soon, he may want to bring his own shopping bag. As of Jan.
Italy became the first country in Europe to ban the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags nationwide.
The shops there will be allowed to distribute the plastic bags in their stock, but they will not be able to order them again once they are used up.
\"This is a great innovation,\" Italian Environment Minister Stefania Prestigiacomo told CNN . \".
Italians use 20 billion plastic bags a year.
About 300 packs per Italian and one
Fifth place in European consumption.
The ban was supposed to be enacted a year ago, but was postponed until 2011 due to industry opposition.
It is not clear what the punishment is and how it will be implemented.
A week before the ban in Italy, there was news that Ford wanted to cancel five cars in Toronto.
Cent plastic bag fee effective from June 2009.
A televised campaign has begun to remind Italians of the ban, but some are not sure the country is ready for such a big change.
\"I don\'t agree with the ban on plastic shopping bags,\" Luigi Taragni told the Guardian . \".
\"I think they are better and better than paper or non-degraded ones, paper or non-degraded ones are more difficult to handle, keep less, break more easily, and cost more.
\"I will adapt to this decision as I am forced to adapt to garbage collection, but I am not sure if I agree with these limited measures.
\"The owners were also confused about the new ban, and some said they were not informed and did not know what penalties would be imposed for violating it.
\"How much do we know about the new regulations?
Claudio POZ, the owner of the stationery store, told the Guardian: \"As usual, we have not been told anything . \".
Italy, like some other countries and cities in the world, has imposed charges or explicit bans on plastic bags.
Ireland charged 15 cents for postage in 2002, and in a few weeks the usage rate of the parcel dropped by 94.
Non-biodegradable plastic bags are prohibited in France.
Those who violate China\'s ban will face a fine of 10,000 yuan.
CDN about $1,500).
Penalties are much more stringent in Tanzania.
Plastic violators in that country
Package ban surface six-
Spent a month in prison.
5 million first order (
CDN about $1,016)fine.
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