is 5-cent fee for plastic bags headed for the trash? n.j. environmentalists hope so

by:Sengtor     2020-04-26
When it comes to a proposed 5-
Single centuse bags.
The measure is in the government of limboff.
Phil Murphy used a line.
The project veto removed any language related to the proposed package fee from the national budget on Monday.
It\'s not clear how Murphy sees the proposed charge, but the environmental group wants him to abandon the bill and instead support stricter regulations.
\"The plastic bag bill is currently pending review and has not been included in the budget,\" Governor spokesman Dan Bryan said . \".
\"No final decision was made on this legislation.
Bill on Murphy\'s deskA3267/S2600)
Will impose 5-
Cents per sheet of paper and plastic
Use bags distributed by New Jersey chains and large retailers.
Lawmakers expect the proposed fee to raise more than $23 million for the new lead reduction fund set up by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of New Jersey.
But environmental activists criticized the language used by lawmakers in the national budget, which transferred the money to other uses before the cost passed into law. \"We thank Gov.
\"He took out the language and canceled the money,\" Murphy said . \" Jeff tittle, director of the Sierra Club in New Jersey, said.
\"We hope he will not sign the bill, but we are not sure.
\"The Garden State environmental group urged the governor to use a conditional veto to raise the proposed fee, or to veto the cost directly, and to push for a complete ban on plastic bags.
Audubon, New Jersey, for example, and the New Jersey union for the protection of voters, support plastic bag charges, but would like to see the proposed fee increase to 10 cents per bag as a stronger deterrent.
Sandra Meola, a spokesman for Audubon, New Jersey, said that ideally the proposal would result in a ban on plastic bags and ongoing charges for paper bags. \"While (the bag fee is)
This is not the strongest policy structure. it is a good start for New Jersey . \"
Ed Potosnak, executive director of the New Jersey union for the protection of voters, said he wanted Murphy to fill the holes in the charging proposal, such as exemptions for small retailers, while making a more stringent definition of reusable bags, set a schedule to gradually incorporate the charging proposal into the full ban on the use of plastic bags.
On the other hand, the Sierra Club in New Jersey called on Murphy to veto the bag fee proposal, but to ban plastic bags across the state.
Jeff tittle, head of the group, said that the charging program has little effect in stopping garbage, and could even lead to more plastic bags in New Jersey waters, because the fee structure may encourage stores to distribute more bags.
\"Plastic is a serious public health and environmental risk and we should do our best to eliminate it,\" Tittel said . \".
Woman Councillor Valerie. D-Bergen)
The main sponsor of the parliamentary bill stated that she would support any action chosen by the governor.
\"Unfortunately, the bill was voted on at the budget meeting,\" Vainieri hutle said . \".
\"It was not treated fairly due to full discussion and clarification.
Vainieri hutle stressed that the expense proposal is intended to change consumer behavior, but it is seen as a new tax and money grab due to time.
She said she was open to a complete ban on plastic bags, but charging would be a better first step.
\"I never wanted to go to Cold Turkey because of the ban,\" said vainelli Hortel . \".
The New Jersey Food Council, which lobbied on behalf of Garden State supermarkets and food retailers, supports the current package fee proposal.
Linda Doherty, chairman of the New Jersey Food Council, praised the bill as \"a national model that will provide real without putting an unfair burden on consumers or businesses
\"No other state charges for singles
Despite Washington, D. C. , bags are still used. C.
There is indeed a region-wide fee similar to the New Jersey proposal.
Single people are completely banned in California
The use of plastic bags, after each county in Hawaii passed a local ban, Hawaii actually banned the use of plastic bags.
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