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How to be an elegant dog owner?

How to be an elegant dog owner?


With the improvement of people's living standards, many families have settled in new members-pet dogs. People prefer to get along with dogs in their spare time, and people can be seen walking their dogs in the streets and alleys.

For many pet lovers, while cute dogs bring great happiness to themselves, they also bring certain troubles. The "landmines" left by dogs on the road are often stepped on by citizens, and pet feces have become a headache for owners. After the dog pulls, what remains is the battlefield of the "poop shovel officer". So the question is, how to be an elegant shit shoveler at this time?

As everyone's awareness of environmental protection ethics has gradually strengthened, a variety of environmentally friendly pet poop bags on the market have also emerged. The poop bag independently developed by Dongguan Sengtor Plastic Products Co., Ltd. can solve this embarrassment for all pet lovers.

The shovel officer comes as standard! Easily solve the problem of pet feces

Small size, great use! Sengtor's biodegradable pet poop picking bag is standard equipment for the shoveling officer, which can easily solve the pet's poop problem. Whether it is at home, going out or storing, it is easy and convenient to carry with you, or used with a toilet picker, it is a very good magic weapon for walking your dog.

1. Fully biodegradable, it will disappear automatically after 90 days, which is environmentally friendly and hassle-free

The fully biodegradable pet waste picking bag is made of a new type of degradable material, using pure plant corn starch and other natural renewable resources as the main raw material, and it can be automatically degraded under composting after 180 days. Easily take the eco-friendly "bag" home!

2. Compact design, easy to carry

The capsule box and gift box design are convenient for the owner to carry at any time and are especially suitable for going out. No matter in the corners and alleys, you can easily solve the "shit" problem at any time!



3. Small figure, large capacity, full of toughness, can be customized on demand

The use of a smooth-touch material makes the bag body leak-proof, which can better cover the bag, so that the bag can be easily "pocketed" without bad smells and no dirty hands. Customers can also customize the body of different sizes according to their own needs.

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