how tamil nadu is gearing up to bid plastic adieu

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In Kancheepuram, the district administration decided to step in by January.
It has announced that anyone who distributes onetime use-and-
From August 16, the placement of plastic products in the area will cause criminal proceedings.
It will also actively encourage people and businesses to use biotechnology.
As an alternative product to use --and-
Throw products through consciousness
Building measures.
Salem has taken a step forward to force a ban on singles
From August 1, plastic has been used at three bus terminals in the city.
It is reported that from July 1, it also directed central and state government officials, government hospitals and urban primary health care centers, as well as educational institutions operating within the city, not to use plastic bags and other unnecessary plasticsAccording to R.
Municipal agency company Commissioner Sadheesh has demonstrated bags made of tapioca starch that break down on their own within 90 days.
More than 600 tons per day
Four cement plants in the state use recyclable plastics as fuel.
This process is called \"cooperation\"
Proposed nearly 10 years ago.
At that time, several cement plants tried for several months and then stopped.
Now, some cement companies have established contacts with nearby municipalities to collect waste, which helps to reduce the use of coal in the kiln. Since such non-recyclable non-
Reusable urban waste is burned at high temperatures without release of toxins.
It is reported that over the past four months, 10,000 tons of plastic has been used as fuel in these factories.
Coimbatore has taken several initiatives through its Smart City Division Coimbatore smart city Co. , Ltd. to promote plastic alternatives.
\"It started more than a year ago with the\" my shopping, my bag \"campaign in which civil society contacted business organizations with NGOs to switch to paper bags or cloth bags.
The campaign also encourages people to carry their bags while shopping, \"said Commissioner K.
The company approached the hotel operators and asked them to choose an eco-hotel.
The use of alternative packaging materials, friendly alternatives and two large Coimbatore establishments-one is the popular sweet shops chain and the other is the restaurant chain-were immediately followed.
Civic groups also teamed up with the women\'s group \"Wonder Woman\" to promote the use of cloth bags, and subsequently, an information booth was set up at the Town Hall to promote alternatives to plastics.
Now, the kiosk sells straws, bamboo toothbrushes, cloth bags and a few other items.
The forest department has introduced a ban on the use of disposable plastic products in the ecology in coimbato. tourism spots.
At Kovai Courtallam, a famous tourist attraction near Siruvani, tourists are not allowed to carry plastic bags and disposable water bottles.
Pooluvampatti forest range C.
Palaniraja says a special cleaning activity is carried out every Monday to keep the area around the waterfall free of plastic.
Similarly, the Environmental Protection Department also strictly enforced the plastic ban.
Tourist center in Muli near kalamadai. T.
Saravanan, a forest range officer at the kalamadai Forest Range, said that at tourist attractions, the use of disposable plastic products is almost zero.
\"We serve food with plates made of arec leaves,\" he said . \". --
Organizations in Oroville International Township, near puduchry, have been working hard to provide costs-
An effective alternative to plastic tote bags.
One of the projects, \"small steps\" funded by Upasana design studio, has been convincing locals to move from disposable plastic bags to reusable shopping bags.
The Small Steps Project was launched on Earth Day on April 22, 2007.
\"It\'s not just changing plastic bags.
It is also about changing ourselves, learning new values, taking responsibility and loving our mother earth to create a better world.
This is our love in action, \"said Vidhi Bhargav, coordinator of small steps.
A non
Profit-making organizations, which also operate within Oroville Trust, also undertake the task of reducing plastic bag pollution.
Atmasanga, aware of the need to provide plastic alternatives, began supplying cotton bales to retail stores.
Start 4 of the initiativeand-a-half years ago.
In madulai, the local government has started on a large scale.
Combined with women themselves, large-scale production of cloth bagshelp groups.
The collector said the plastic ban would be a great way to encourage small businesses to produce sustainable products.
\"Manufacturers can contact the government if they are interested.
\"We can help them connect with different programs and provide subsidies to create common growth and environmental equity,\" he added . \".
Jackfruit fiber board developed by Indian Food Processing Technology Research Institute in Thanjavur
The horizontal Research Institute provides an edible alternative to plastic cups and plates that provide desserts.
The Institute has recently introduced edible tableware with consistency and rigidity to maintain salads, desserts and chocolates.
\"The plates may not be strong enough to hold heavy food, but they are ideal for dessert.
\"It is friendly to the environment because it can be eaten with desserts,\" said C . \"
Anandharamakrishnan, director of the Institute.
The institute has developed plates and cones containing jackfruit by-products with high dietary fiber.
Tableware and cones are made of flour made from jackfruit balls and seeds.
The institute will soon transfer the technology to commercial production.
The problem with plastic is not its use, but its handling, says R.
Vasudevan, dean of the School of Engineering, madulai Thiagarajar, whose team has proposed sustainable solutions for the safe disposal of plastic waste.
One of them is a patented technology that helps to use plastic waste on site during road construction.
When building the road, the aggregate is coated with plastic before mixing with the asphalt.
This increases the durability of the road and reduces the cost. Women’s self-
Help the group to participate in the collection of waste plastics and to chop them up for road construction.
The technology has been applied in road construction in the whole country, especially in rural areas.
Another major invention, called plastone, is a solid material made of plastic and other materials such as debris, ceramic and granite waste, can be used for lining waterways, sleepers, portable speed circuit breakers and bricks, as well as in the construction of passages and walls.
Plastone is now used to build low wallscost toilets.
The Plastone tablet can be made according to the desired shape and color.
Thousands of kilometers of roads built with this technology are longer than normal roads.
50 tons of waste plastic was used on a one-kilometer road.
In the case of plastone called synthetic granite, 1.
Waste plastic 5 kg (15 PET bottles)
Enter to make a square foot tile with a thickness of 1 inch.
Many bars in Chennai have turned to innovative options.
The boats of bisant Nagar and the thirsty Crow of the Nugan bagin replaced the plastic straw with paper straws.
Arasu Dennis, general manager of the advertising assistant company behind several bars in Chennai, said, \"we hardly use any other plastic in the bar except for straws (its all glass).
In one of the bars-no Records--
We use stainless steel straws.
\"We disinfect and use the straws,\" he said . \". Inputs from V.
Ventatasa blamania, Syed Muthahar Saqaf, Deepa H.
Kaltik Madhavan, Wilson Thomas, lamarcrishnan
God of Prasad Sanjana Ganesh, S.
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