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How did it become an explosive product?

How did it become an explosive product?


It is obviously responsible for strength, but it has also been responsible for appearance.

From the initial positioning of small figure and great energy, to the transformation of both strength and appearance, Sengtor full biodegradable pet bag series seems to carry the banner of the annual explosion.

In terms of material, it is made of fully biodegradable materials corn starch, PLA and PBAT. It degrades into carbon dioxide and water in a posture of "moisturizing things silently, turning into spring mud and protecting flowers" to protect the ecology and nature.

In terms of design, the eco-friendly bag inside the bag is based on environmentally friendly and fashionable green, with a flat mouth and a complete vest pattern, giving the Sente biodegradable pet bag a new connotation and fashion; the outside is decorated with black and purple high-end luxury small bags, and the concave-convex non-slip design is the icing on the cake. , Bring a refreshing visual beauty. 

There is an adjustable length hanging ear on the upper part of the exterior pouch, which is convenient for shovelers to carry out daily, and can be hung on their necks. It can be said to be very intimate.

At present, Sengtor full biodegradable series of pet bags have been put on the shelves of major e-commerce platforms. This high-value pet walking artifact will also be popular in the market in 2021, reshaping the convenient life of modern shoveling officials. Welcome customers to inquire!

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