here’s how grocery stores are handling boston’s plastic bag ban

by:Sengtor     2020-04-20
On Friday, Boston\'s ban on plastic bags from the city\'s largest retailer began, and will be rolled out to all businesses in the coming months.
While shoppers can bring their own reusable bags, those that are forgotten or not will be charged 5-
They use cents for each paper bag.
Here is the ban that the local grocery store is doing.
Shoppers can get a free reusable package on the implementation day.
Xiao\'s location: 246 border Street, East Boston;
1377 Hyde Park Avenue.
Location: 1065 Commonwealth Avenue, Hyde Park;
33 Kilmarnock St. ;
53 Huntington Street;
45 Morrissey Avenue, Dorchester; 4 River St. , Dorchester;
370 West Street, Brighton; 75 Spring St.
West roxburyplan: starting from 11: 00, all nine Shaw and Star Market locations in Boston will be free to distribute Eco-reusable packagesm.
According to company spokesman Dennis McCoy, until the supply runs out.
Location: 1620 Tremont Street;
713 East Broadway, South Boston;
1100 Massachusetts Avenue, Dorchester;
950 American Legion Road, roslendale;
545 Liberty Harbor Street, Dorchester; 301 Centre St. Plain Jamaica; 60 Everett St. , Allston;
1025 Truman Avenue, Hyde Park;
460 Blue Mountain Avenue. , Roxbury;
214 Harvard Avenue
Allstonplan: According to Stop and Shop spokesperson Susan Arnold, the top 300 customers in 10 stores in Boston will receive a free reusable package.
Although Stop and Shop will charge the required 5 cents for each paper bag used by the customer, Arnold notes that the company is donating the money to the Emerald Necklace Association.
\"The Emerald Necklace Association is a non-
Maintain, restore and protect the profit organization of the Emerald Necklace park designed by Frederick Lao Omsted, \"Arnold said in an email to Boston. com.
\"As a member of the Boston community, Stop & Shop must adhere to our commitment to the sustainability of our business, colleagues and customers.
\"Stop and Shop will also sell EcoLoop packages for 10 cents per bag, which Arnold notes can be reused or recycled.
Location: 8 Summer Street; 1800 Centre St.
Dena Kowaloff, a spokesman for the company, said the company posted a sign of the ban and put a reminder leaflet in the customer\'s bag.
\"Average shoppers should not be attracted to surprises,\" she said . \".
\"We will continue to sell reusable bags.
Kowaloff said: \"There are different reusable options at different prices.
Location: 181 Cambridge Street;
348 Harrison Avenue;
15 Westland Avenue; 51 Austin St. , Charlestown; 413 Centre St. Plain Jamaica;
15 Washington Street
, Brighton plan: Whole Foods have always been single-Use plastic bags
According to company spokesman Rachel Alkon, free nationwide since 2008.
There are still paper bags in the store, but it is recommended that you bring them yourself.
\"For more than a decade, the whole food market has encouraged shoppers to bring their own luggage and provide refunds at checkout,\" she said in an email to Boston . \". com.
Location: 899 boilston Street;
199 North Harvard Street
According to the company\'s website, Trader Joe\'s has been promoting reusable bags for the past 40 years and encouraging customers to use them.
\"As our customers chose reusable bags, we saved a total of more than 30 million paper shopping bags in 2017,\" the website said . \".
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