going shopping? n.j. wants to impose fees on bags, but critics say it won\'t stop littering

by:Sengtor     2020-04-29
Plastic bags have been the number one public enemy in the battle against garbage in Garden State.
Several cities, mainly coastal cities, have taken action to limit the use of plastic bags by charging or banning them.
But for many years, the state-wide regulatory efforts on bags have failed to achieve results.
Now the state councillors have decided that it is time to move forward.
The State Council is pushing for a new plastic and paper shopping bag: The bill approved the budget committee of Parliament and the Senate on Tuesday, possibly as early as Thursday.
Legislative leaders expect the proposal to generate $23.
4 million, under the act, funds will be used to obtain lead from schools and families.
Supporters say the bill will reduce the number of plastic bags used in New Jersey by more than 4 million each year in a way that is fair to consumers and businesses.
But the proposal was heavily criticized by the plastics industry and the Sierra Club in New Jersey, arguing that it was short-sighted and less bargaining than inTrenton\'s intensifying budget debate.
About billThe billwill
Each bag distributed at any chain store or any store with more than 2,000 square feet of retail space is charged a cent.
Motion of the conference (A3267)
By female MP Valerie vayeri Horter (D-Bergen)
And the Senate bill (S2600)
By State Senator Teresa Ruiz (D-Essex).
\"I feel it would be a tough sale to ban outright,\" Vainieri hutle said of the charge proposal . \".
She added that she believes these costs will effectively drive people to reduce single consumption
Use plastic bags instead of reusable bags.
\"It\'s really trying to change or influence consumer behavior,\" she said . \"
Of the money collected for each package, one cent will be donated to the store operator, and the remaining four cents will be donated to the \"health school and community leadership reduction fund \".
\"The fund will be part of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, which will be required to use the money to remove lead paint, replace lead pipes and other lead reduction projects.
\"We decided to put [the money]bag]
The cost of leading the emission reduction fund because the infrastructure of our school requires funding to address this public health issue, \"Ruiz said in a statement to senior Media in New Jersey.
Most people will be affected by new fees, but there are some exceptions.
Those who participate in SNAP or WIC benefits, as well as those who participate in the first New Jersey project at work, will be exempt from paying the package fee.
The bill charges both plastic bags and paper bags.
If the bill is passed, the postage fee will take effect on October. 1.
Vainieri hutle said the delay before the effective date would allow the bill to be adjusted.
Delayalso also allows any local decree passed before the start of October to become a grandfather.
This means that a thorough plastic bag ban at lampoport Monmouth Beach may remain the same, and the proposed regulations of the City of Jersey and Hoboken will remain the same, as long as they are passed before the statewide regulations come into effect
State Senator Bob SmithD-Middlesex,)
The head of the Senate Committee on Environment and Energy called the legislation a \"good bill\" and told senior Media in New Jersey that he intended to vote in favor of the bill.
There are no other states that charge a statewide fee for bags, although California does have a package ban.
The New Jersey proposal is similar to the existing area-wide charges in Washington, DC. C.
Effective 2010.
Critics say the bill has been criticized by opposing groups including the U. S. progressive package Alliance and the Sierra Club in New Jersey.
Matt haholm, executive director of the American progressive pack Alliance, questioned how much plastic bags contributed to the New Jersey garbage problem, noting that the state did not do an analysis to determine how much of the state\'s garbage was actually plastic bags.
Larry Hania, spokesman for NJDEP, said he was not aware that any research had been done in the state.
Nevertheless, the data collected by the environmental organization Clean Ocean Action shows that about 3-
In 2017, several of the group\'s garbage from Garden State Beach was plastic.
Siholm acknowledged that the plastic industry he represented would suffer economic losses.
He estimates that the proposal could lead to a 25% reduction in plastic bags distributed by retailers.
On the other side of the spectrum, however, is it very certain that plastic bags contribute a lot to the state\'s garbage, and consider that this charging proposal is not sufficient to address the issue.
Jeff Titel, director of the Sierra Club in New Jersey, said that if the taxes on plastic and paper are the same, people are more likely to choose plastic, so there is little done to solve the garbage problem.
Those eager to pass the bill said she expected the bill to be passed by the Senate and Parliament on Thursday, adding that it was not new legislation and that she had been proposing charges for years.
She said she believes that the recent political winds have shifted and that with more and more municipalities passing regulations, the momentum for the construction of plastic bag regulation is also weakening.
Read the full text of the Senate Budget Committee on the latest version of the bill by hereNJ senior media staff writer Susan K.
Livio contributed to the story.
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