go green business ideas for the entrepreneur: organic groceries and green reusable shopping bags

by:Sengtor     2020-05-06
Why Go Green?
The green trend will not disappear and will definitely stay.
However, the trends and opportunities of green products and services are undoubtedly hot.
The most obvious reason why enterprises go green is to protect and protect the environment and its natural resources.
Other green business ideas for improving the carbon footprint are: set a positive example for employees and increase their loyalty and retention rates.
By distinguishing enterprises into environmental protection enterprises to gain a competitive advantage.
Provide a clean, clean and healthy environment.
Improve efficiency.
Reduce operating costs.
Get tax benefits.
This article lists five green business ideas that entrepreneurs can take advantage.
Green Business Philosophy 1.
Low-carbon, local and organic grocery industries: consumers today read labels to understand the impact of what they are eating and are interested in how food affects the environment.
Today, about 75% of American consumers buy organic groceries and toiletries.
All kinds of problems before buying products, such as: are products grown or formulated in organic agriculture or by method?
Most people today are keen to understand how food grows, how it impacts the environment and the way it takes from the local market to the end consumer.
Therefore, in order to help consumers make smart and green shopping decisions, relevant green information needs to be provided on the label.
Many products in the UK have been covered with carbon footprint percentage marks, and will certainly spread in the US as well.
Green business ideas related to low-carbon, local and organic groceries include the creation of low-carbon products and brands to import products with less carbon emissions from third world countries, produce local organic foods and products on a small scale or on a large scale, or study the field in order to integrate these ideas into established businesses in the United States.
Another opportunity associated with this line of business is to provide audit and tracking facilities for the carbon footprint of these products.
Various websites on the Internet are exploring opportunities for this transformation. 2.
Production of green shopping bags or reusable bags: the purpose of these businesses is to replace disposable plastic shopping bags with reusable and renewable bags to deliver groceries and other shopping items.
According to Greenwire Environment and Energy Press, shoppers around the world use 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags per year, which means 150 plastic bags per person per year.
The plastic bag is made of polyethylene, which comes from non-
Renewable energy sources such as oil.
Therefore, these bags cannot be reused.
In addition, plastic bags are indestructible and it takes hundreds of years to break down in the environment.
In addition, plastic particles enter the food chain through fish and marine food consumed by humans.
Today\'s society is learning about the adverse effects of plastic bags and taking more ecology
Friendly alternatives such as reusable bags made of natural fibers such as jute, cotton, canvas and cannabis.
Many stores raise brand awareness by giving away trendy eco-friendly bags and building customer loyalty.
People can choose to produce low-cost green shopping bags or create reusable folding packages.
Logo bag easy to carry.
In addition, entrepreneurs can also consider designing fashionable environmental protection bags that can be accepted by people of different ages and tastes.
For more business, please proceed to the second page of green creativity.
More green business ideas 3.
Green lifestyle business: anything we do in our daily lives can be transferred to the green world.
People can start a small business around a green lifestyle.
Some examples of green lifestyles that have been capitalized are: 4.
Green car dealers: in the world of high oil prices, green car dealers aim to sell fuel-efficient cars with less pollution and environmental protection.
Many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this opportunity and are looking for huge profits as the US market matures to understand the benefits of the ecological environmentfriendly car.
In fact, sales of green cars have been flat with oil prices.
With the deepening of research, many new technologies have entered the market.
Toyota\'s Prius is just the beginning, a new world of green cars of all sizes, shapes and colors produced by different manufacturers.
With the production of many new models of hybrid and electric vehicles, there are many opportunities in this market to be interested in this business, you can join one of the large and established car manufacturers, you can also work with small green car startups.
If anyone is interested in the marketing and commercialisation of automotive technology, various opportunities can be offered.
If there are budget constraints, one can set up an online green car dealer to provide a variety of green car channels while avoiding parking risks and investment (car parking? ).
With the advancement of technology, there will be more varieties, demands and demands. 5.
Green building certification business: the purpose of this business is to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of green initiatives in buildings or homes.
In order to ensure that the building is green, one may have to verify and certify it.
For this reason, many rating systems like LEED (
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
Already available in the United States.
There are many opportunities in this area, including the creation of an enterprise that helps Green Builders through the LEED certification process, the development of an enterprise that entrusts green buildings, the training team to maintain these green buildings and check them regularly.
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