get ready to pay a nickel for each shopping bag if murphy signs this bill

by:Sengtor     2020-04-27
In a heated budget debate in Trenton, New Jersey became the first state to become a strong California state.
Wide fee for single
Use plastic bags and paper bags.
On Thursday night, state lawmakers approved
Each bag of money distributed by supermarket chains and retailers.
This measure applies to both paper bags and plastic bags.
The purpose of the charge is to prevent the use of a single
Use plastic bags to push consumers to reusable bags.
\"Most stores have made changes and now offer more eco-friendly bags to customers,\" said MP Valerie vayeri Huttle (D-Bergen)
Sponsor of the Congress act.
\"This bill encourages more shops to get on the bus and no longer use bags that are harmful to the environment.
\"The bill will now be submitted to the government.
Phil Murphy\'s table.
\"Governor Murphy will carefully consider any legislation designed to protect the environment in New Jersey,\" Governor spokesman Dan Bryan said . \".
Motion of the conference (A3267)passed on 41-
The security deposit of 32, and the Senate bill (S2600)
With 23-16 vote.
With the Legislature setting the budget, the bill was passed in a series of votes.
Lawmakers are counting on the proposed package bill to raise $23.
4 million per year.
Under the Act, the money should be spent on a new fund from the Ministry of Environmental Protection to reduce lead emissions projects.
But critics of the bill point out that funds have been used to fill holes in the general budget.
\"The money should go to the lead reduction fund, not the general fund,\" said Jeff tittle, director of the Sierra Club in New Jersey.
\"It\'s not a problem with plastic bags or lead, it\'s a scam to grab money for the budget.
\"Tittel also said that he believes that charging is a flawed way to reduce the use of plastic bags and that a complete ban on waste discharge will do more.
He argued that because the bill was given
For each bag they send out, store operators are encouraged to use more bags.
\"This is a shameful and harmful bill that will mean more plastic bags, damage to the environment, and more money for supermarkets,\" Tittel said . \".
If Murphy signs the bill, the fee will come into effect on October. 1.
At that time, any municipality with stricter bag regulations will be allowed to keep them.
The New Jersey Food Council, which lobbied on behalf of grocery stores and other food retailers, praised the bill for setting uniform regulations for the country, rather than allowing a wide range of local policies to be separate. \"[The lawmakers]
Linda Doherty, chairman of the New Jersey Food Board, said in a statement: \"I have created a national model that will provide real environmental benefits without giving consumers or businesses
\"Retailers and customers also have clear guidance on a single state policy to help them reduce their use and dependence on plastic and paper bags.
\"No other state currently charges a statewide fee for singles.
Despite Washington, D. C. , bags are still used. C.
There is indeed a region-wide fee similar to the New Jersey proposal.
California bans singles across the state
Using plastic bags, after passing a local ban in each county of the state, Hawaii has actually banned the use of plastic bags.
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