friends of the earth: waste services in london \'will not accept\' compostable products

by:Sengtor     2020-04-29
According to activists, the use of plastic products that claim to be \"acceptable\" may not be just what they look like.
A study by Friends of the Earth, an environmental charity, shows that the five institutions that deal with waste in London (
Representing 25 administrative regions)
Packaging is not accepted.
Three of the five waste certification bodies advise people to throw compost items into the garbage instead of putting them in the compost.
Emma pristerland, a plastic activist for Friends of the Earth, explained: \"As per [advice]
Service from waste
You have to put the packable product in a normal bin.
\"Ideally, it will be placed in food waste,\" which is allowed to be broken down in compost bins.
However, the survey shows that the waste management department does not allow compostable plastic products such as coffee cups to remain in such waste, but rather throws them into the landfill.
In the email seen by the standard, the West London Waste Authority confirmed: \"Due to identity issues, in order to avoid serious pollution, our recommendation is to compost the appropriate products through the home compost system, or put them in the remaining bins.
The North London Waste Authority responded to this response and said it would not accept compost products from food waste because \"it is difficult for us to identify them from contaminated, non-polluting products
Compressed plastic.
\"The South London Waste Partnership, the West Riverside Waste Authority and the East London Waste Authority have also confirmed that in order to avoid the risk of\" contamination \"of compost, products that can be compost do not leave food waste.
Many authorities claim that manufacturers of packaged products lack communication, which means it is difficult to classify correctly.
They explained that all compostable products must comply with safety regulations to ensure they can remain with food waste.
Although food bags meet this standard, the garbage service seems to know nothing about whether other products are safe to compost.
A spokesman for the South London Waste Partnership said: \"Retailers and manufacturers who introduce these new products and materials are likely to have good intentions.
But they are in a bubble right now.
\"They really have to start working more closely with people who collect and deal with household waste, ensuring that there are collection services and infrastructure to deal with this new type of material and handle it properly.
\"Otherwise, the widespread introduction of compostable plastics will only add to the complexity of recycling systems that many people already feel confused about.
Ms. Priestland said: \"There is an urgent need for alternatives to disposable plastic cups, cutlery and food containers --
However, many people believe that packaging products and packaging are not simple solutions.
She responded to calls for manufacturers to work more closely with waste management agencies and suggested that they should be forced to pay more to \"deal with the waste they make \".
Sandwich chain.
According to the company, research from the company shows that it would be more desirable to have recycled coffee cups in the future than compost.
A spokesman confirmed: \"At the time of dinner.
We are committed to sustainable development and have been looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint.
After evaluating all the options and conducting the trial, we concluded that the recyclable cup is currently the best option.
\"More and more customers have introduced their own products, and we are also encouraged.
We expect this trend to continue.
AMT Coffee, which also started using compostable coffee cups, insists that these products can still be broken down in landfill sites.
A spokeswoman for the coffee chain said: \"Our new creatures
Packable cups are the best green option on the market at the moment.
\"Even if the cups end up in landfill, our cups will still break completely and we have no control over the UK\'s current waste system, unlike the regular plastic-lined coffee cups used by our competitors.
We encourage our customers to handle their waste responsibly.
\"We have been working to improve our impact on the environment and this is the best option at the moment.
If this change and technological progress, of course, we will review our products.
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