Founder Introduction




Her name is Ren Xuefen, and she is the general manager and one of the founders of Dongguanshi Sengtor Plastics Products Co., Ltd.

Over the 20 years since she entered the company, she has grown from a processing factory of more than ten square meters to a company with two modern factories and hundreds of employees.

Somepeople say that she is lucky and has a good chance. However, Ren Xuefen firmly believes that it is not God who cares for herself, but the spirit of craftsmanship that supports the company to the present.



Ren Xuefen had to go around the sample room before starting work everyday.


She looked at the products that once brought honor to the company, reminding herself that quality is the foundation of the company, and innovation is the lifeline of the company.



On the eve of the 2005 holiday


Ren Xuefen embraced her loved ones and returned home by car.

She recalled the lush forests and clear rivers along the way... but what was seen along the road was the white pollution caused by disposable plastic bags...




After Ren Xuefen returned to Dongguan city

She immediately set up a special department to develop biodegradable bags

The biggest difference between a biodegradable bag and a disposable plastic bag is that it can be completely decomposed by environmental microorganisms after being discarded, and finally become inorganic and become an integral part of the carbon cycle in nature, thus solving the problem that disposable plastic bags cannot be solved. Degrading the problem of polluting the environment.

“The most difficult thing is to degrade the bag. It has to be completely 100% biodegradable, and it has the same bearing capacity as the plastic bag. If the product is loaded in the supermarket and the product is dropped underground, the degradation bag will be lost. If there is meaning, there is no use value at all. In order to satisfy both degradation and bearing capacity, we have spent too much manpower and material resources on the formulation of materials."

Perseverance is only half the success. If you want to make a biodegradable bag, you must have enough soft power to support it. Therefore, she is heavily invested in equipment, and recruits talents to enhance the strength of the R&D team.

There is no desperation in the world, only those who are desperate for difficulties.
With a patience and carefulness, Sengtor's R&D team, after experiencing countless sleepless nights, finally overcome the technical difficulties and create a miracle with the dedication of dedication.

Hard work pays off, after many failures and collisions, the SENGTOR finally created a miracle by the heart of the craftsman who never gave up.

The various indicators of the 100% biodegradable bags we produced have reached the leading level in the same industry.


“Now we have developed this 100% biodegradable bag. The maximum load of one of them is above 4KG.  You can see that it is also very good in all aspects of tension.”

“This is a 100% biodegradable bag that can be completely degraded into water and carbon dioxide in composting.”

In front of the world, Sengtor demonstrated the ability and wisdom of Chinese craftsmen and contributed to its efforts for solve the problem of white pollution.

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