food operators worried ruling will suck up their earnings

by:Sengtor     2020-04-25
The Federal District ban on plastic straw will come into effect on January 1, but food operators still know nothing about how to deal with it.
They are at a loss as to where to buy the allowed alternatives, as the federal Department of territorial affairs has not yet published a list of certified biodegradable straw manufacturers, while Sirim Bhd is still in the process of certification.
Previously, business operators were given a list of certified manufacturers and when they were single, they could get supplies from those manufacturers
Plastic bags and food packaging were banned last year.
The headache is that yayuki Wilayah Persekutuan (YWP)
The welfare department of the department assumed the responsibility of stabilizing the market by distributing certified biodegradable products at low prices, but without storing straws.
Federation of local vendors and small traders Association of Malaysia (GPPPKM)
President Datuk Seri Rosli Sulaiman said that the department should ensure that biodegradable straws are readily available before the use of plastic straws is prohibited.
\"In fact, our members complained that it has been difficult to obtain biodegradable plastic bags and food packaging near their business district since the ban was imposed, which was enforced more than a year ago
\"The YWP store is located only at Persiaran MPAJ, Pandan Indah and Pasar Awam Presint 9 in Putrajaya;
Although a small amount of supplies can be purchased from Kampung Baru Wisma YWP\'s YWP headquarters.
\"Therefore, it is very inconvenient for many vendors and traders to obtain biodegradable products.
\"So it\'s easy for them to use plastic bags and food containers in nearby stores.
\"I am worried that the ban on plastic straw will be the same.
\"I haven\'t seen biodegradable straws being sold in batches in stores for commercial purposes,\" he said . \".
Vice President, Kuala Lumpur Hawker and small traders association
Chair Datuk Ang said Tee said there was a lot of compelling things to do to encourage his members to comply with the new laws enacted by the department.
\"There have been many complaints about the mandatory use of biodegradable and compostable plastic bags and food containers, such as the material being fragile and costly.
\"This ban on plastic straw will only add to this problem.
\"But we do realize the need for this change.
Garbage has blocked our waterways, causing natural disasters and endangering marine life.
\"We need to keep pushing our members to make the right choices,\" he said . \".
MatterFood operators are also concerned that they may increase costs if biodegradable straws are more expensive than plastic straws.
Rosli also urged the ministry to take steps to reduce the price of biodegradable products.
\"The department needs to find ways to make the price of biodegradable products competitive and thus make this transition a success.
\"Maybe the government can provide grants to manufacturers in the early stages so that the price of the product stays low and more people buy it.
Once they get used to biodegradable products, prices will slowly rise . \"
Jothy Appalasamy, president of Kuala Lumpur and battering India\'s small Traders Association, said prices had a huge impact on encouraging operators to buy biodegradable straws.
\"The ministry needs to ensure that all biodegradable straws are sold for the same price as plastic straws and that plastic straws should no longer be circulated.
\"It would be unfair if traders were to buy more expensive biodegradable straws while others were still buying cheaper plastic straws, and they would end up buying cheaper options, he said.
Federal Territory minister Khalid samsamad said Sirim is certifying the manufacturer\'s products.
\"Some companies have submitted their products for testing.
The certification process also includes a visit to the factory where they produce straws, so it may take some time.
He noted that alternatives to plastic straws include biodegradable paper straws and stainless steel straws.
However, only biodegradable and paper straws require Sirim certification.
The year of AdaptKhalid emphasizes that, although the new award is listed as a condition required in the conditions of the business license from next year, since enforcement will begin on January 1, 2020, food operators still have a year to adapt.
\"For the time being, therefore, it is recommended that food operators not provide plastic straws, but provide them on request.
\"Or, food operators can buy biodegradable straws that are widely sold online and in some stores,\" he said . \".
One of the companies that Sirim is waiting for its biodegradable straw certification is sky blue packaged Sdn Bhd.
General manager John Oakley said Malaysia and Thailand already have straws made of corn starch.
\"The straw has natural light cream color, however, natural pigments can be used to achieve different colors according to the customer\'s requirements.
\"Straw diameter from 4.
5mm to 12mm, they will come with or without sharp ends, \"he said.
The straws may not be completely round, but this will not affect availability, because they are made to contain strength, flexibility, and rigidity, Oakley said.
\"As people learn more about hygiene standards, straws can also be wrapped in paper, which may be personalized with the customer\'s brand.
\"Our straws can withstand high temperatures and are suitable for hot drinks and cold drinks.
Tests show that even after three hours, the straws in carbonated drinks do not deteriorate.
\"When the straw is buried in the compost unit, the straw will break down into biomass, water and a small amount of carbon dioxide in about six to eight months without producing toxic waste,\" he said . \".
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