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Focus on the exhibition | SENGTOR makes a new appearance in 2021 global biodegradation Exhibition

Focus on the exhibition | SENGTOR makes a new appearance in 2021 global biodegradation Exhibition


The 2021 Hainan International Exhibition on biodegradable plastics and Applications (hereinafter referred to as "global exhibition on biodegradation") was officially opened in Haikou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hainan Province on June 23. Hundreds of degradation enterprises at home and abroad gathered together to witness the global exhibition of biodegradation.

It is reported that the three-day exhibition, CO sponsored by China Environmental Protection Federation and Hainan plastic ban Industry University Research Promotion Association, focuses on biodegradable materials, products, equipment and other fields, aims to advocate the spirit of "Greater China, greater environment, greater union" and strive to contribute to the overall acceleration of China's plastic ban process.

Next, let's review the highlights during the exhibition with a set of photos~

Dongguan sengtor plastic products Co., Ltd., as a strong manufacturer of all biodegradable bag products, has decades of experience in R & D and production of biodegradable plastic products. In this exhibition, the company's sengtor brand team brought the company's latest comprehensive solutions for degradation products to make a new appearance, and dozens of newly developed degradation bags and degradation lunch boxes were dazzling.


The fashionable, environmental friendly, ingenious and refreshing product design, with new biodegradable material elements, has attracted the attention of many audiences and continuously extended people's imagination of this environmental protection industry.


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