flu scare a boon to body-bag sales

by:Sengtor     2020-05-01
With fears of a possible flu pandemic this fall, warning agencies around the world are stocking up on emergency supplies.
Masks, gloves,
Viral drugs are on the list. And body bags.
The demand for the latter has prompted a strong interest in the goods of a small custom bag manufacturer in Toronto called Trevor Irving Co. , Ltd.
The inquiry about its big popular body bag poured in from the Sultanate of Oman as far away as the Arabian Peninsula.
Trevor Irving recently shipped thousands of thick plastic bags to Alberta that were sewn at the Scarborough factory and because of its ability to \"prevent fluid leakage and leakage\"
It is bidding for a contract to supply 12,500 white woven polyethylene pop bags to Ohio.
\"Some elderly homes start buying five, 10 or 15 sets at a time,\" said Pierre Bartz, President Trevor Owen . \".
\"Some states and provincial governments are beginning to store the popular body bags. . .
It\'s a bad pun, (the business)is growing.
\"There is widespread concern that the traditional autumn flu season can lead to a surge in influenza A (H1N1) cases and lead to death.
Allison McGeer, director of infection control at Mount Sinai Hospital, recently warned that due to the disruption of the labor force in Toronto\'s public health sector, there will be more deaths and infections in the city.
Trevor Owen is not the only supplier to thrive because of fear.
Richard Miller, owner of the United StatesS. -
Portal based on ToDieFor.
Merchants selling a range of body bags say demand has doubled this year.
Despite the fierce competition, it seems that the company at barchak has found a niche in its big popular body pack, unlike the ones that are usually used to transport and temporarily store the deceased.
Most of the mortuary and hospitals use light bags.
Duty plastic beautifying garbage bags with zippers in the middle-the material of the big pop body bag is thicker and stronger, comparable to the light waterproof cloth.
It is coated with polyurethane on both sides to prevent uncivilized and can be equipped with six handles, which is an option to allow inexperienced personnel to rush the delivery of bodies in times of crisis.
\"It basically allows you to deal with the larger body with less care,\" Bartz said.
\"I don\'t recommend that we deal with the dead with the most cautious attitude, but if you have a few volunteers walking around the big pop center, it\'s a big difference from the situation in the morgue.
\"Transport death is not a stock and trade for Trevor Owen.
The company at barchk produces a variety of bags for daily functions, from huge padded envelopes that keep pizza warm on delivery routes to heavy packages
Hockey players like the Ontario Hockey League\'s greygreytote carry their gear.
Still, Trevor Owen carries a large body bag;
The industry seems to need a variety of product lines.
Cindy Maguire, the Centennial product of the controller, Jackson, Florida. -
The body bag dealer, based in Nova Scotia, said that in the coroner of the deceased and other bids, the body bag \"is almost like a fashion statement.
\"People are very picky about color, style, sealing of bags, zipper.
\"Some coroner prefer blue bags, which, as we all know, provide photos --
Friendly background for making visual records of autopsy.
Fluorescent orange bags are often the choice of city police officers who often work in the dark.
Manufacturers say there is growing demand for additional
Big bags, such as widely used in China-
Package called \"big Girtha\" in Trevor Irwin\'s catalogue.
A standard body bag is about 3 feet long, about 7 feet wide, about 5 feet long and about 9 feet wide.
Said Miller of Todifor.
Biz: \"This is 600-pounders.
Our population is increasing.
It\'s very, very heavy-duty material.
\"If death from fat or flu is a heavy topic, some people in the body --
Bag deal-death-
In foreign languages, the care industry-sees its lighter side.
Maguire\'s company designs and sells novel T-
Shirts popular among customers.
One of them is printed with the company\'s slogan: \"If you label it, we will wrap it up.
The coroner\'s theory during the obesity epidemic lamented: \"I think I need a bigger bag . \".
Maguire said: \"The coroner is really a little sick with a sense of humor.
But I think they used this to do their job.
Bartzk\'s company hired about 25 workers at an industrial mall near Eglington and mccovan, saying he expects the body bag to continue to be a small unit of his work
He is proud to show visitors a custom tote bag made in Scarborough for emergency medical staff in Toronto.
He pointed out that this is a bag that can help save lives, rather than simply containing the remnants of the lost bag.
It\'s not that there are no uses for body bags.
In addition to the ghost of the flu pandemic that made his phone ring, barzke said he had received a call from private citizens who had purchased a body bag for an unspecified purpose
\"There\'s a bunch of crazy people out there,\" he said with a smile, recalling a summer employee at the factory. \"He\'s a little too smart-he wants to put a bag in and take one home.
\"Man, this is your party.
Have a good time.
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