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by:Sengtor     2020-04-15
New Zealanders filled with plastic bags in kitchen drawers or cabinets are lucky.
Soft plastic recycling bins in 70 supermarkets and shops in Auckland now mean shopping bags, cookie bags, and more people no longer need to go to landfill sites.
But Environment Minister Nick Smith says people need to change their culture in order for the million dollar project to be successful.
It is estimated that 1 has been passed by New Zealanders.
6 billion bags a year
Although the facilities are only available in Auckland so far, it is planned to expand the coverage of New Zealanders to 70 within three years.
In Auckland, collection boxes are set up in stores including some Pak N\' Save, New World and Countdown supermarkets, as well as warehouses.
Bins will be
The ability of profit groups to hire disabled persons.
Plastic will be sent to a factory in Australia for recycling and plans to build a dry
Cleaning facilities of Astron plastics group in Auckland
The government allocated 510,000 yuan-
This will have the ability to recycle 2000 tons of soft plastic and reduce the demand for imported raw plastic polymers.
Traditionally, soft plastic (
Can easily fold it into the type of ball)
Cannot be recycled in roadside bins as they cause blockage
Ups for processing plants.
The programme is also funded by a $700,000 grant from the government to the packaging Forum, with industry contributions matching the grant --
The total value of the project is more than $1. 3 million.
Nick Smith, minister of the environment, said the recycling initiatives were more sensible than banning or enforcing the collection of bags because they accounted for only 0.
The proportion of waste entering the landfill site and the proportion of plastic waste.
He says plastic shopping bags are made of plastic.
Garbage surveys across the country account for 5% of garbage projects.
In Ireland, a 15-cent plastic bag tax was introduced in 2002, reducing the annual use of plastic bags from about 328 bags per person to 21 bags per person overnight.
In California, opponents of the plastic bag ban have postponed the ban and held a referendum on the issue in next November.
According to Bloomberg, a plastic bag ban in Austin, Texas has been found to backfire when people throw out heavy plastic bags at \"unprecedented\" speeds.
See where you can recycle soft plastic and go: produce bags, supermarket bags, frozen food bags, toilet rolls and sanitary packaging, bread, rice and pasta bags, biscuits and ribs packs, cereal box liners, newspaper and magazine packs.
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