What is biodegradable drawstring bag?

What is biodegradable drawstring bag?

What is biodegradable drawstring bag?
The biodegradable drawstring bag produced by Sengtor  Dongguan is prossessed with the Certification of ISO 900 ,14000 and Fedex etc,many other certifications.The company has many years of professional experience in the production of plastic products, strict quality management system, advanced equipment, strong technical force. The Sengtor brand is a green and environmentally friendly brand under the company that starts from household garbage bags in order to improve the ecological environment. Adhering to the concept of "making the human environment better and making human life happier", the Sengtor brand is based on Xiongjin Industry, and is committed to the development of fully biodegradable vest bags, flat pockets, garbage sorting bags, etc. Among them, degradable pet litter bags With its portable design and excellent product quality, it has become the company's annual explosion.
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