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by:Sengtor     2020-05-01
While I commend Sibu City Council for its efforts to reduce plastic pollution by banning non-plastic pollution
Biodegradable plastic bags, \"Sibu\'s tough stance on plastic \"(
Star, January 22
It proposed replacing traditional plastic bags with allegedly \"biodegradable\" plastic bags, which brought new environmental problems.
Malaysia\'s current regulations and policies to reduce plastic pollution appear to mainly encourage the replacement of traditional plastic bags with paper bags, allegedly \"biodegradable\" plastic bags and cheap non-
Woven shopping bags.
In addition, polystyrene food packaging is only non-packaged by other types
Foam plastic food packaging, so far there seems to be no organized or official effort to recycle, collect and clean these types of plastic packaging for recycling.
None of the projects introduced to replace traditional plastics and polystyrene products are practical alternatives because they are unsustainable and do not reduce waste.
The most commercial
\"Biodegradable\" Plastic bags are still plastic and fossil fuels --based.
Only bags that meet the ingredient stability standard ASTM D6400 or EN 13432 are truly biodegradable. Oxo-Biodegradable, oxo-
Can biological degradation of oxygenBiodegradable oxygen
Biodegradable and biodegradable plastic bags are just the names of plastic bags with chemical additives.
This chemical additive, usually a metal salt (
Depending on the manufacturer, which may include cobalt)
, Destroy the contact of plastic molecules, and catalytic the disintegration of plastic.
These bags break down into smaller, more toxic oil over time
The polymer eventually pollutes our soil and water and enters the food chain of animals and humans.
Thus, although these allegedly \"greener\" plastic bags are split into pieces in landfill sites and waterways, they cause micro-plastic contamination and pose a risk to the oceans and other ecosystems.
In fact, over 150 environmental organizations
Profit-making organizations, research and scientific institutions and public institutions have recently called for a ban on the use of oxo
Degradation plastic (see: Oxo-
Biodegradable plastics are also increasingly facing a chief scientist Professor against Europe and the United Nations Environment Programme.
Jacqueline mcgarard confirmed that many of the plastics marked as biodegradable have never been completely broken down, resulting in plastic contamination.
Because these oxo-
The degraded plastic contains chemical additives that cannot be safely recycled and will eventually pollute other types of plastic in the recycling facility.
For paper bags, although they are completely biodegradable, as long as they do not have plastic paint, plastic
Based on glue or laminated materials, they do have a high environmental cost because they need more water and energy to produce compared to plastic bags.
However, since they are less harmful to wildlife, once discarded, they are less toxic to human health, so they can be safely used as food packaging.
Nevertheless, replacing plastic bags with paper bags does not reduce waste, as paper bags are usually single
Service life is low and cannot be recycled once wet or contaminated with food, grease and dirt.
Considering the high moisture and energy consumption and low durability of paper packaging, the use of paper bags should be limited to the sale and supply of food products.
They should not be used as grocery bags and shopping bags and consumers should still be charged for paper bags and paper bags
Reduce dependence on single foods based on food packaging
Use packaging and encourage behavior change-as consumers are more motivated to save money with their reusable food and beverage containers and shopping bags.
Another unsustainable item that is often sold as a sustainable alternative to plastic bags is
Woven shopping bags that are wrongly called \"Recycle bin\", although this is not grammatically and in fact accurate as they are neither made of recycled materials nor recyclable. Non-
Woven shopping bags are cheap lightweight bags that look and feel like fabric, usually distributed as gift bags at events or sold at supermarket checkout counters.
They are made of polypropylene and therefore plastic, although they are similar to cotton or fabric.
These materials are not durable and usually contain lead and are easily broken down into plastic fibers, resulting in micro-plastic contamination that cannot be repaired, recycled or composted and should therefore be avoided.
Malaysia is one of the 193 countries that signed the UN resolution to eliminate marine plastic pollution in December 2017.
If we continue to replace this plastic with another plastic or another plastic, we will not be able to fulfill this commitment.
Use packaging with high carbon and water footprints, or reduce microplastics in the ocean by increasing demand and use for oxo
Degradation of plastic.
In order to really reduce plastic pollution, we need to reduce waste and change the way we think at once and at once
Use items that are convenient for us but inconvenient for the environment.
Solutions to plastic pollution and waste problems should include banning small and light plastic bags, distributing only larger plastic bags, thicker plastic bags, and charging a small amount of garbage disposal fees, then properly collect and dispose of such garbage in sanitary landfill sites to eliminate non-
Polypropylene woven bag and oxo-
Biodegradable plastic bags, reward measures such as rebates, shopping rewards points, express cash registers, etc. Long-
Terminology Solutions can then be introduced, including practical initiatives to encourage and increase recycling and composting, to reduce household and industrial waste and, accordingly, demand for garbage bags.
Incentives and laws must be put in place to make it easier for families and businesses to dispose of waste without the need for garbage bags and to sell food and consumer goods without the need for plastic wrap and other packaging.
Science and technology solutions that reduce waste and replace traditional plastic packaging are being developed every day, and we can cut in the most
Edge solutions such as factories
Based on, edible packaging and traditional Zerocost, zero-
Bring our own baskets, cloth bags and food containers to waste options such as shops.
What we lack is not choices or solutions, but political and personal will to do the right and responsible things.
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