cuomo blocks new york city plastic bag law

by:Sengtor     2020-02-14
ALBANY —Gov. Andrew M.
Cuomo signed a bill Tuesday to effectively repeal a bill that would have been implemented-
The penny of plastic bags in New York City, disappointing eco-activists and city leaders described the move as a classic case of excessive expansion in Albany. Mr.
Democrat Cuomo took action the day before the cost came into effect, basically supporting Republican action
State Senate and Democratic leaders
Parliament dominated by killing new laws.
The governor promised to form a \"statewide task force to develop a unified state plan for solving the plastic bag problem\" and complete it with local leaders, other stakeholders and leaders appointed by the Senate and Parliament. Mr.
City law \"has a lot of flaws\" because it allows merchants to keep 5-
As a profit, he says there will be a total of $100 million a year.
\"I understand that the political process of passing a bill may need to appease potential opposition, but it is ridiculous to give $100 million in bonuses to private companies,\" he said in a statement . \".
Nevertheless, the uncomfortable plight of the governor himself is evident in the breadth of his statement --
Explain his reasons in nearly 1,000 words
And it\'s time to leave Albany two days later in the legislature. week break.
On the one hand, environmental activists, who are keen to see New York City accept a policy that they believe will help stop the ugly spread of plastic bags and cause a blow to the oil and plastic industry, the culprit of global pollution.
On the other side is the state legislature, which defines the tax package as a bad solution, most likely to eventually become a return tax on poor consumers, for them, the convenience of plastic is an advantage, and it is also practical in daily life. In the end, Mr.
Cuomo seems to support this argument, noting that the New York City Council has barely passed the bill, which the State Council voted overwhelmingly to suspend.
Nevertheless, the actions of an officer in Albany invalidate the actions of urban democracy, which annoyed and disappointed the sponsors of the act.
In a joint statement, City Council members Brad Rand and Margaret Chin said: \"We are fighting plastic bags and currently plastic bags win,\" In addition, plastic bags are slowly biodegradable, it is a stubborn pollutant. The rejection —
And the rebound expected by environmental activists
Albany seems to feel that lawmakers have put forward new plans there even before the governor takes action.
On Tuesday afternoon, Senator Louis R.
The Bronx Democrat Sepulveda unveiled a sales plan.
A tax refund of 3 cents per package to encourage consumers to bring reusable totes. “A 5-
The US tax is a burden for many of our poor and many elderly people . \"Sepúlveda said.
\"Therefore, we are working to provide informed legislation that will not affect these communities. ”Mr.
Sepulveda also suggested setting up a committee to study the issue.
The governor used a different degree of success strategy during his six term.
Worked in the office for many years.
In this case, the governor said that the task force \"will be different from usual because the matter needs to be acted upon promptly\", although there is little detail about its exact composition. Mr.
Como set an end. of-
Annual deadline for reporting and proposed legislation.
\"I look forward to New York state playing a leading role on this issue,\" he said . \".
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