corner brook looks at recycling more clearly, with see-through garbage bags

by:Sengtor     2020-05-11
People living on the west coast of the island will soon change the way they dump their garbage.
Starting this summer, the Waste Management Department in the western region will implement clean garbage bags for all residents.
\"There are two reasons why we make transparent bags,\" said Josh Carey, chairman of waste management in the western region . \".
\"This is for the safety of roadside collectors.
Usually they need to pay attention to glasses, needles and other items.
But this is also to encourage people to recycle.
We really want them to have environmental awareness.
Carey said that if people are worried about neighbors, two privacy (
Or opaque packages)
It is allowed in every transparent bag on the side of the road.
\"This is more important for medical items --
Personal hygiene related
\"They don\'t want the public to know about the relevant or just confidential items,\" Carey said . \".
It is hoped that turning to clean up garbage bags will force people to recycle, especially on the list of new, longer items that residents can place on the side of the road.
For a long time, Corner Brook residents can only put paper and cardboard on the side of the road on garbage days.
Starting in July, people can now put a blue bag on the lawn with tin cans, tin paper packaging, plastic sandwich containers, milk boxes, dish fluids and shampoo bottles.
\"Clear Bag and blue bag.
This is a simple process . \"
\"All recyclable things are blue, white bags are non-recyclable things, your garbage and garbage.
\"Communities that use wild Bay dumps have been asked to clean garbage bags on the roadside since July 16, and other areas, such as Burgeo and Norris Point, will start later in August.
Residents can now store \"new\" recyclable items and take them out in the summer, Carey said.
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