connecticut plastic bag ban a win for environmentalists

by:Sengtor     2020-02-23
Customers who did not get reusable shopping bags before going to the store still have two years to refine new habits and then ban plastic bags in Connecticut, but in the meantime, they will pay
Every plastic bag they take home pays a penny tax. The tax -
And eventually banning singles.
Use plastic bags
Approved as part of an amendment to the state budget bill passed in the House on Monday night and approved by the Senate on Tuesday.
If signed into law by the government
Ned Lamont, the tax will take effect on August.
The ban will begin on July 1, 2021.
The tax is expected to raise $30.
The fiscal year 2020 was $2 million and $26.
In 2021, 8 million pounds were paid for the state\'s coffers.
Environmental protection activists see the legislation as a victory because it modifies the language in the budget that will exempt the tax on plastic bags and prevent towns from issuing regulations that require a fee for paper bags.
Lori Brown, executive director of the Connecticut Union for the protection of voters, said her organization put a lot of pressure on members of the House and the governor\'s office.
\"We really need to give some credit to the House,\" Brown said . \" He noted that it is rare to amend the budget bill in the house.
\"It was a very bloody battle.
Brown said it makes sense not to exempt such a responsibility.
Called compostable plastic bags from the ban, because these plastic bags themselves do not biodegradable and have to go through special processes.
She is also pleased that the bill now gives towns the freedom to enact their own regulations on singles
As long as the local regulations are the same or more stringent than the national regulations, checkout bags can be used.
That means, she said, that a town can pass a regulation that requires a fee for paper bags if needed. Rep.
D-Steinberg Jonathan
10 cities have passed the ban on plastic bags, Westport said.
\"We want to respect their efforts and make sure that everything we do in our national level legislation does not prevent municipalities from making efforts or future efforts to develop regulations that may be stronger than the state,\" he said.
\"So it is very important that we clarify this.
Steinberg said, \"This is a broader topic that we feel needs to be explored further.
I\'m sure we\'ll consider doing a study that, in the context of a wider range of waste management, we\'ll look more broadly at biodegradable bags and compost bags, what\'s best for Connecticut, hope in the coming year.
\"We really need to give some credit to the House.
It was a very bloody battle.
Although the ban on plastic bags has been welcomed by environmental activists, there are still concerns.
First of all, if paper bags are not prohibited, the state may put itself in a loophole.
That is to say, if paper bags are still available, people simply switch from plastic bags to paper bags because there is a series of problems with paper bags themselves.
One is that the carbon footprint they produce and transport is actually larger than plastic bags.
Paper bags are also more expensive than plastic bags.
10 times more expensive.
That\'s why elsewhere in the United States. S.
At least part of the cost of plastic bags has been returned to retailers to help them compensate for the cost of paper bags.
This legislation does not require a fee for paper bags
This is what Wayne pace, executive director of the Connecticut Food Association, wants.
This also does not prevent shops from charging paper bags.
Another problem is the lack of consistency.
Part of the goal of the statewide mission is to prevent groceries and other retail chains from facing different regulation.
By allowing municipalities to still implement their own, possibly stronger, regulations, the provisions in the budget may be less than expected in addressing this issue.
While disappointed by some aspects of the legislation, pece still supports the efforts of the state.
\"This is a good orientation act.
This is the right path, \"he said.
\"That\'s how we did it.
\"Other environmental measures aimed at reducing waste logistics have not been successful at this legislative session.
The House passed a strike on Saturday.
All amendments that hinder the renewal of bottle redemption legislation in House Bill 7294.
The bill will expand the variety of redeemable bottles, including most tea, juice and sports drinks.
It also increased the beverage container deposit from 5 cents to 10 cents.
Instead, the House has adopted an amendment to set up a task force to study the current law, assess its effectiveness and report it by December. 31, 2019.
\"We need to fix the bottle bill and they killed it,\" Brown lamented . \".
\"We are by our side.
Lou Rosado Burch, director of the civic environmental movement program in Connecticut, said he was \"very disappointed that the legislature failed to resolve the bottle problem \".
\"This is a betrayal of the public interest,\" he said . \"Rep.
Joseph Gracko
Stephen and Vice President
However, the chair of the Environment Committee of the legislature defended the task force.
\"There have been task forces before, but not everyone is in the room, and other task forces do not have the weight of the speaker\'s office,\" he said . \".
\"We will meet for the rest of the year and then hopefully come back and advise on how to modernize the bottle bill, if that means a series of bills over the next few years, that\'s it, said gresko.
\"I don\'t think there is a magic wand there and everyone will solve all the problems at the same time.
Meanwhile, a bill banning singles
Using plastic straws
House Act 5385-
There was such a long debate in the House last week that it was put on hold for the time being.
\"It is in the abyss of obstruction,\" Brown said . \".
It is not clear, she said, whether it will die there or eventually revive. Two other wastes. stream bills —
Reduce the use of foam plastics
Passed a separate room.
Bill 5384 of the House prohibits singles
Use foam plastic container
Passed in the House, pending Senate deliberation.
At the same time, a bill banning the use of foam plastic pallets in schools --
Senate act 229-
It was passed in the Senate, but it has not been raised in the house.
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