comment: plastic shopping bags should not be banned

by:Sengtor     2020-05-07
Ubiquitous plastic shopping bags can easily become the most useful \"free\" item, as there was a free book contest on the counter at each store decades ago.
Of course, these are cheap
Recharged disposable plastic lighters, currently billions of landfill sites in the world.
If you take the time to roll out and check one of the bags, you will find that it is a carefully designed, excellent plastic Project made for mass production.
They work very well.
They are reusable.
Moreover, they can be recycled into other \"things \".
\"When it comes to reuse, these bags are first-class.
When you need a handbag.
The fact that they have the handle is the trick.
Very suitable for carrying books.
You can carry a lot in one hand and only be controlled by the weight.
I have smart and cheap bag pick-up machines in my kitchen and shop.
There was even a cool little bag in my wife\'s wallet with two bags in it.
The polyethylene bag is used in the dumbfounded digital myriad.
They are closely related to our daily life.
You have sliced meat, bread, agricultural products, bulk food in your deli.
You pick up your dog poop with a dog.
Everyone puts their garbage in a plastic bag.
The store has put considerable shelf space into a wide variety of plastic bags, as we buy a lot of plastic bags for modern needs.
So what happens to them once we \"use\" them?
Of course, all the garbage bags go to the landfill.
This is their purpose.
So why is it that the Surfrider Foundation and some Victoria MPs ban only retail plastic shopping bags?
This is very simple.
They are an easy and very obvious \"environment-
Symbolic goal
Also, they are the only bags they may ban.
Retailers can be bullied with the power of bylaws to adapt to the agenda of a very small number of people
They know what is best for all of us.
We all have no serious say.
Some of the cozy little \"put-in\" parties at the Town Hall have not diminished.
In addition, this whole \"ban\"the-
Serious and insulting misinformation is disturbing and outrageous.
It is sad that most people trust the environmental groups and accept what they call the gospel truth.
This is the case with human nature, and sometimes some of these groups use this trust to spread the gospel truth quickly and loosely.
I have always respected the Surfrider Foundation.
Their main website is very good and what we really need is their mission, projects and achievements.
I especially enjoyed their beach. Clean up.
But when I visited the page where they banned shopping in Victoria, I was shocked and frustrated by their deception, exaggeration and statistical nonsense about shopping bags.
There is not enough space here to parse this page, but with a discerning eye and Google viewing, I will show what I mean.
According to Surfrider, Poly shopping bags should be banned because: \"Plastic is often found on the rivers, lakes and beaches of Vancouver Island.
This is an extreme exaggeration.
This is also an insult to the people on our island.
We are one of the cleanest societies in the world.
Canada\'s contribution to the global marine plastic nightmare is minimal, and Vancouver Island is virtually non-existent.
We don\'t go to the beach to discard our scrap plastic. Our open-
There are plastic and other sundries scattered on the Ocean Beach.
There are two relevant facts about this garbage: It\'s all floating in the water.
Almost everything is floating here.
For decades, more and more floats have reached the North American coast, carried by Japanese currents from more than a dozen Asian countries with the worst environmental habits.
It is shameful to use this stranded Asian garbage and other deception to promote the ban on shopping bags.
Four \"consumed\" plastics are used in the world: polyethylene, polypropylene, pet and foam (
Food containers).
The first three are easy to recycle and profitable.
Food boxes and cups are not foam.
They are hard to recycle, most of them are not.
If they become toxic when they break down, they go to the landfill.
Single is not a good thing.
Morally and intellectually, it is necessary to ban the use of disposable foam plastic food containers.
Yes, plastic \"things\" should be banned, but polyethylene shopping bags are not one of them.
I think it interferes with the efficient operation of countless retailers, not to mention a group of angry customers, because it\'s a quirky, stylish but fictional environment
Because it\'s really annoying, arrogant and stupid.
A city councillor described the proposed charter as \"absolutely fraudulent garbage \". ” So it goes.
Robert Matthews of Victoria, a retired plastic-work worker, did not use plastic bags in his factory.
He studies plastic environmental issues and provides advice on solutions.
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