comment: plastic shopping bags are useful, not evil

by:Sengtor     2020-04-23
Comments from a retired plastic factory owner who lives in Cape Willis.
His factory has nothing to do with poly bags.
I\'m glad to hear B. C.
The Court of Appeal dismissed the Victorian city council\'s ban on plastic shopping bags.
While this is strictly a jurisdictional ruling, ending these very fashionable bag bans is a start.
On June 2018, the Supreme Court of Texas unanimously ruled that the state\'s municipalities could not ban the use of plastic shopping bags.
The same was done by the legislatures of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan and Indiana.
These bans are almost always based on fictional and artificial environmental data.
A member of the city here called it \"absolutely fraudulent garbage \".
\"I agree very much.
Canada is one of the cleanest countries in the world.
Our contribution to the nightmare of floating ocean garbage is almost impossible to measure.
Shopping bags do not spoil our scenery and waterways.
Look around you.
It\'s ridiculous to suggest that we go to our ocean beach and discard our plastic.
The plastic debris on our beach is from Asia.
Maybe for 30 years, gyres of the big ocean has been dropping it on us.
We were really lucky compared to other beaches in the Pacific Ocean.
The Surfrider Foundation should be responsible for the false, misleading and insulting propaganda that it has spread widely throughout its leadership
Until this constitution is promulgated.
In addition to Cohn, there is also the Victoria Council.
Jeff Young, especially mayor Lisa.
Ben Isitt should be ashamed that he\'s just \"drinking\"Aid.
Let\'s take a look at the evil shopping bags. Called a “tee-
It is made of polyethylene film and is actually an industrial miracle.
Poly shopping bags are easily the most useful \"free\" thing because there was a free book contest on every store counter decades ago.
Of course, these are cheap.
Disposable plastic lighters that can be refilled, now there are billions of stacking areas.
The word \"single\"
\"Use\" does not apply to Poly shopping bags at all.
Because they are small, I have smart dispensers in the kitchen and shop.
When you need a handbag.
Perfect for carrying anything you need when you need it, like booksor your lunch.
They were so flat, I had one in my back pocket and a lovely little dispenser in my wife\'s purse.
When we shop in a shop without plastic bags, we carry plastic bags by ourselves.
I don\'t think most people realize that almost all the plastic bags they buy and use every day, including shopping bags, are made of the same plastic --polyethylene.
In our society, we use hundreds of different types of plastic bags. Zip-
Loc, shopping, \"kitchen catcher\", sandwiches, deli, produce and garbage bags are just a small part of it.
Recently, my wife and I counted the average number of times we went shopping at the grocery store.
After a cruise of deli, bakery, produce and bulk food, we have accumulated 16 cost-effective bags.
We also robbed a box of 20 zippers.
A total of 36 Loc packages.
At the checkout counter, the clerk asked us if we wanted small plastic bags for our meat.
This brought it to 38.
Then our groceries were put into three paper bags. Huh?
After buying so many plastic bags, we can\'t pack our things.
Plastic bags can also be used?
How can shopping bags become such a single goal in countless bags of the same plastic? Simple.
This is the only plastic bag that the local council can regulate through charter bullying.
These bags can be seen at each checkout counter.
This is a good publicity.
Garbage bags are a miracle.
They replied
Old question about how to move garbageperfectly.
In the 1960 s, New York City tried garbage bags and found that they greatly improved the efficiency and hygiene of residents\' garbage disposal.
In this function, they are explicitly called \"singleuse” bags.
When you compare the garbage bag to the shopping bag, some stupid bylaws appear.
A household garbage bag contains five to six times more polyethylene than a shopping bag.
However, is only shopping bags an environmental problem? Go figure.
In all the
I have heard of a word in the past few years and have never mentioned it: recycling.
There are several hundred kinds of plastic, but we mainly \"consume\" three kinds.
They are polyethylene (PE)
Polypropylene (PP)
And Polyethylene (PeT).
These three things are completely recyclable, which must be emphasized.
Polyethylene or Polyplastic is the second recyclable and recycled plastic after PeT. All (clean)
Plastic bags should be tied together and placed in the recycle bin of your grocery store.
Remember, every pound of plastic
It uses a pound that does not come out of the ground.
Like metal, these plastics can be reworked.
To name just a few, it is used for durable products such as traffic cones, pallets and rail ties.
It is the responsibility of all of us to properly manage our \"waste\" plastics.
Only when we have the proper information about them can we do that.
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