coles under fire for a new plastic toy promotion after bag ban

by:Sengtor     2020-04-16
A few weeks after the supermarket was praised for banning singles, environmental activists attacked coles\'s latest shopping promotion as a step back
Use plastic bags nationwide.
The Coles \"small store\" promotion, launched on Wednesday, provides consumers with free toys for $30 or more --
Size version of one of 30 popular home products-
Including Tim Tams, Weet-
Bix, nuts, Chobani yogurt and Napisan.
For every $30 a customer is free to claim a \"small shop\" toy that is not redeemable if the customer gets a duplicate toy.
\"The idea behind the store is that customers can keep and collect them instead of throwing them away,\" a Coles spokesperson told SBS News . \".
\"Each mini collection is sealed in an opaque package, so you cannot identify the micro items contained in it.
Coles arranged an exchange day for August 11 (
Between ten o\'clock A. M. and two o\'clock P. M)
Customers will be allowed to trade unwanted toys if they wish.
While the promotion was exciting, the feedback from the environmental groups was that it was a step back after Coles recently pushed for greener.
Jayne Paramor, deputy director of the Boomerang Alliance-a group that has played an important role in calling for a national ban on singles --
Using plastic in Australia-she said she was \"disappointed\" with the promotion \".
\"It feels like it doesn\'t seem to pass the sustainability lens at all,\" she told SBS News . \".
\"They seem to be made of raw plastic (
Materials made directly from fossil fuels without any recycled ingredients)
If they produce these things with recycled plastic, they will have a better win.
\"Most of the toys are made of raw plastic.
Without a toy swap and recovery plan, a lot of things will eventually be landfill.
The toys are made from a variety of materials, including \"paper, cardboard, plastic and foam,\" Coles said \".
\"Where possible, they are made of the same material as the real product to be as realistic as possible,\" a Coles spokesperson said . \".
When asked about MS Palador how she would advise Coles on the promotion, she said: \"We may first advise against moving in that direction.
This is a worthless form of plastic.
\"From our point of view, this does indicate a lack of attention to sustainability in some of the decisions being made.
\"To prevent the waste of toy wrapping paper, Coles provides
Store recycling program \"redcyclek\" and packaging can be returned for online delivery.
A spokesman for Planet Ark said that when children lose interest in toys, they are worried that toys will be thrown away. “[These toys]are so fad-
\"It\'s easy for them to get thrown away collectively,\" says Josh Cole, communications manager . \".
\"You can almost see it appearing in the waves-the old set is thrown away when the new set is released.
\"Eco-activists are not the only ones who openly oppose\" small shops \", and the Cancer Council\'s Obesity Policy Coalition is concerned about the number of\" unhealthy foods \"used in promotions.
\"Through @ Coles\'s small shop promotion, more business development is carried out in childhood.
\"Unhealthy products like Natra and Tim Tamms should not be sold to children,\" executive manager Jane Martin wrote on Twitter . \".
Coles stopped offering singles a few weeks ago.
Plastic bags can be used by customers.
\"We are committed to phasing out singles.
\"By July 1, 2018, plastic tote bags were used in all our stores because we thought it was the right thing to do for the environment,\" Coles wrote . \".
MS Palmer accused Coles of using marketing opportunities in the plastic bag debate.
\"At the end of the day, they have turned what they have to do anyway into their sustainable victory,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s a step in the right direction, but it needs to go further.
\"While many Coles customers are keen to start collecting things for\" small shops \", others have no impression at all.
\"It just shows that Coles is not serious about reducing plastic waste,\" Evan Wastell wrote on the Coles Facebook page . \".
\"This is too outrageous!
To stop the use of plastic, we should do more than create more!
I\'m sure they will be successful because they are free and some people will have something for free!
Marilyn Emerson wrote.
\"How disgusting it is for Coles to sell themselves, because they have formed an environmental awareness of plastic bags and their negative effects, and then promoted silly and stupid little plastic replicas as\" interesting \"collectibles, blair Kristianson wrote.
Others complained that they did not choose to say \"no\" when they were promoted \".
\"I didn\'t know I had these things until I got home to unload.
Wrong on so many levels.
\"I can\'t believe people think they\'re cute or a good idea,\" Osborne claims . \".
However, for some parents, the promotion was welcomed by the children.
\"My child is very excited to come to the grocery store this morning for shopping,\" wrote Vicki Powlton . \".
\"Great work, Coles. . .
The kids and I can\'t wait to collect them. Remember -
People who hate it will hate it, \"jods Percy wrote.
\"My daughter and my son love to play the owner and can\'t wait to collect them all,\" Jessica Wendy wrote . \".
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