coffee cups might get a tax like plastic bags

by:Sengtor     2020-04-18
Customers of chain stores, including Costa and Starbucks, may face charges for using these containers, as they are usually made from a mix of paper and plastic, making it difficult to recycle.
The plan was proposed by Environment Minister Rory Stewart, which followed a budget announcement to levy a 5 p tax on plastic bags and a tax on sugary beverages.
In response to a question from the House of Commons, he said: \"I hope everyone in the House agrees that it is successful to treat plastic bags with taxes, and next, coffee cups look like a very good thing.
Hugh feenley welcomes Mr. Stewart\'s comments
Whittingstall launched a campaign to change the design of the Cup.
This will help coffee companies focus on finding solutions, the TV chef said.
It could be a good thing if the government is looking for interesting ways to motivate them.
However, Christopher Snowdon of the Institute of think tanks for economic affairs said: \"Sugar, shopping bags and now coffee cups are day after day and our politicians are looking for new ways to increase the cost of living.
Starbucks said: \"We are working with industry partners to solve the problem of cup recycling.
\"If you bring your own reusable cups to our store, we offer a 25 p drink reusable cup discount.
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